1. S

    Engagement ring bargains

    I wish to God this deal had been around for my late bruv and me in our younger days. Between us we clocked up 9 engagements so we would have saved a fortune!!!! Plus 2 of the ones thrown at me wouldn't have needed me searching for them...
  2. A

    Bargains at Side Saturday Market Today

    A friend and I went to the Side Saturday market today opposite the big mosque. It was really busy there - with mostly German tourists. I got 6 x pairs of 100% cotton socks in all colours for 5 TL. She bought a beautiful oval silver fridge magnet with Side written on it and a picture of the...

    Cyprus property bargains?

    With all the manure flying around Greek Cyprus at the moment do any of you folks have any thoughts/views on property prices there. And please no smart comments from Belfasts pre eminent Emlak.
  4. Özay

    THY Bargains from London £121 return

    On for various dates in Summer from London Gatwick to Ist £121 return Lon Gatwick- BJV return £135 will go very quickly
  5. C

    Dublin to Bodrum - Anyone know of any bargains

    I normally end up travelling with Turkish Airlines as they are flexible but it's a costly experience. I'd love to hear of some alternatives for flight only Dublin to Bodrum. I'd rather not overnight in the U.K. as I'd end up spending the savings on accommodation. Thanks, Carol
  6. teresa

    Thomas Cook Bargains

    TC have had some bargain flights today and I picked up 2 one way tickets from Newcastle to Dalaman (May) for £39 each. It might be worth keeping an eye out, the flight I booked is now showing at £239 but these low prices appeared this afternoon out of the blue so may turn up again.
  7. J

    Home Bargains

    Mr Kiplings pack of 6 (best before Jan 20th 2012 and should also freeze) only 25p per pack, buy 4 get one free, so thats 30 quality mince pies for a pound
  8. scotssteve

    Some bargains in Altinkum

    :9:Evening all from sunny Altinkum, Good news for all the bargain hunters out there - we have a great selection on the Crescent homes website. Where else can you find a DIY dream villa for £19,500 or a brand new semi detached villa for £50k. At the other end of the scale - if the lottery...
  9. Yildez Datca

    Kindle - bargains!

    Just bought 3 thrillers - all highly rated by readers - from Amazon for under £5!!!! Find them on "10 Great Kindle thriller bargains (July2011)" :clap::clap::clap:
  10. B

    Fantastic Property Bargains in Florida and Spain

    Was sent a link to a newspaper item which is quite interesting. It says you can pick up a small apartment in Florida for just £15,000! There's bargains galore in Florida and it's certainly got a lot going for it, year round sunshine, good cheap food, beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic roads...
  11. K

    Beer bargains at Kipa

    The Kipa Hypermarket in Mugla had some great deals on beer today. Two German beers were available, one proclaiming it is brewed according to the German Purity Law (ie nothing but Malted Barley, water and hops), the other listing only those ingredients. The Oettinger Pils comes in 33cl cans...
  12. scotssteve

    flight bargains next week

    Afternoon all, For the benefit of anyone trying to get back next week to altinkum Aegean Flights :: Cheap Flights to Dalaman, Bodrum Airports in Turkey from Gatwick, London, UK friday 6th from manchester one way £100 saturday 6th from newcastle one way £110 regards steve:roundgrin
  13. scotssteve

    Altinkum supermarket bargains

    Afternoon all -not sure if this should be here, but if not I'm sure it will move quickly. Suggestion for a thread - monday updates on best buys around the resort! For those of us still working our way around it would be great to know what bargains are to be had - and where??? food/ toiletries/...
  14. P

    More bargains turning up

    just seen this! Adult Price £102.50 Wed, 07 Jul 10 21:05 Depart Gatwick (LGW) Flight TCX 255K 02:45 Arrive Adnan (ADB) Thu, 15 Jul 10 03:45 Depart Adnan (ADB) Flight TCX 255L 05:40 Arrive Gatwick (LGW)
  15. Martyn

    Ebay bargains, duds or stories

    I was just out mowing the back lawn with a mower I bought on Ebay three years ago, I can't remember the price but it was virtually new and is still going strong. Just recently I have bought a net book for my wife with a shop price of £185, I got it for £92 on Ebay, it is immaculate and used...
  16. bickern

    Housing bargains in İstanbul

    İstanbul continues to attract foreigners who want to wake up to views of the Bosporus and live in a city half as old as time and still enjoy world-class concerts and performances like the one to be held in February by the acclaimed cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. “Inside one square kilometer you can...
  17. spitfire

    Ebay Bargains

    Have you ever wanted cheap bargains on Ebay? Look at this site It searches out for misspelled words on Ebay that not many people have bid on because of the spelling mistake. I saw a 4GB Ipod Nano last night for £1.04 with 1 hour left! :w00t: Always worth a look...
  18. Andy

    Bargains Galore

    If you can find cheaper then maybe you could share it with us. .
  19. jnj

    Flights to Ireland bargains

    Aer Lingus have some great deals at the moment, for all of us in gloomy UK
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