1. H

    Barfa Construction, Gumusluk

    Hi, My first foray, so be gentle. I've been monitoring the Forum for a while now for any info/updates on the Top of the Hill development in Gumusluk by Barfa Construction. It's about 5 years since we bought and paid for a villa on this site and i'm sure most, if not all, on the Forum...
  2. alison09400

    Bar-fa in the news!

    Does anyone know where this complex is and what resort? BBC News - NI holiday home buyers 'lose £2m' in Turkey deals Another disgrace!
  3. D


    Any one got any news on the Barfa Company.
  4. D

    Barfa and Bargylium

    Has anyone got an email from Barfa to say the court case they have been trying to settle rather than build our properties was won on the 28th April freeing up cash flow.thus promising to finish our villas within the year.Or is this just another way of getting us to sit back and wait.Would...
  5. O

    Buying off-plan Barfa Sim?

    Hi Guys have recently joind forum as Hubby and I are looking for a property have spent sometime on forum which has been really informative and helpful.We are considering buying an off plan Villa on a self contained complex being built by Barfa-Sim called Oasis near Yavikilak (oops not sure spelt...
  6. OWENA

    Barfa Sim: Has Anyone bought

    Hi, This Is The First Time I've Posted On The Site. Was Wondering If Anyone Has Heard Or Bought From Barfa-sim On The Bodrum Peninsula. We Are Thinking Of Buying An Off-plan Apartment In Yalikavak And Would Be Glad Of Any Advice. Many Thanks Owena
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