1. S

    RIP Barbara (Barbie Doll)

    I am sorry to report that Barbara lost her fight against cancer this morning. I would like to offer my condolences to her Husband Ray and the rest of her family. RIP lovely lady xxxxx
  2. Fuzzy

    Sandima Barbie !

    Thank you to Bora and family for last night... a great effort and lovely evening.. Well done XX
  3. luckycat68

    Goodbye Barbie Cat

    Many of you know my lovely cat Barbie - well sadly I was informed by Ibrahim that she passed away tonight - she has been ill for nearly a year now with heart and lung problems , but this last month was getting worse She died peacefully behind the sofa at home and my dog Cassie found her, I am...
  4. denise bannell


    Every sunday night barbie from 6pm for 9.90 and happy hour between 6 and 7 thought you would like to know also for those who speek turkish poetry starts about 8pm gumus bache at gumusluk
  5. chesney

    Turkish Barbie Girl

    Found this on Youtube, Hilarious!
  6. Struggs

    Barbie Doll

    While getting out of work kind of late, and on his way home, a dad remembers that it is his daughter's birthday and he does not have a gift for her... He stops the car in front of a toy store, goes inside and asked the salesperson: How much is the Barbie you have in display in the front...
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