1. Spurs

    Chuck another Law on the Barbecue

    Well we try to be a "bit EU ish", the get together for the old barbecue. I would have thought to have one on the beach or in a park would be fine (weather permitting). If you travel through Europe people seem to cook everywhere & anywhere. As long as you clean up after yourselves & safety in...
  2. J

    barbecue restaurants

    hello ev1 i have heard so much about places around mahmutlar and surrounding mountains where they do barbecue by kilo.tried very hard to find them last year but no luck. can anyone here please give directions? thanks
  3. jandj

    Gas barbecue

    Our gas barbecue in Foca requires Lava Rock. Its rather heavy to bring a packet out in a suitcase, can it be bought in Turkey in say Koc Tas or Praktiker. Mundane question, but any help is really welcomed. Thank you. :)
  4. M

    Stone troughs and barbecue wanted

    Hi everybody, We would like to put some stone troughs/planters and a stone (or cement) barbecue on our terrace. They all need to be heavy enough to withstand the storms in Yalikavak. We looked in Koctas but couldn't find anything suitable. I think I saw some on the road from Ortakent to...
  5. Lindy

    Barbecue weather is upon us

    Barbecue weather is now upon us in Turkiye, so I thought it would be good to share some barbi recipes: Izgara Kofte - meatballs grilled on the barbecue, warpped in large lettice leaves which have been sprinked with salt and lots of fresh lemon - simply scrummy! Halloumi (Hellum) cheese - cubed...
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