1. IbrahimAbi

    Well stocked Mini Bar

    I think there are a few errors in the article but the story made me think, 'A total of 64,540 kilograms of gold bars were seized in a coach on Jan. 21 in the Marmara province of Bolu'. Over 64 kilograms of gold bars seized in coach in Turkey?s Bolu Come to think of it Yalimart has been quiet...
  2. T

    New Bar in Spain

    Opening this summer Invitations will be going into the post later this month for a new rooftop bar opening in Spain. This will be an exclusive club for TLF members who would like to see the delights of Rural Spain. Views are amazing from the roof terrace, with all equipment being modern and...
  3. P

    New Bar

    A new bar will be opening on Saturday the 1st April, the good news is it’s in a lovely spot in the grounds of the Meandros restaurant on marina road. It’s called Hideaway and has a Bouncy castle and crazy golf for the children.
  4. S

    Unusual bar locations

    I know there are a few members on here who at times can apparently be persuaded to have the odd half shandy so I thought it might interest you as to not just the proliferation of imbibing hostelrys in my new host country-but also some unusual locations The Spanish really do like a drink with...
  5. J

    Dede bar

    Is Dede still up and running ? If so who is running it
  6. G

    Korner Bar

    A party of 12 ex-pats went to the Korner Bar in Side for new years eve where a buffet was provided. No prices were displayed to inform you of the price of the buffet and as it was 45 lira last year, thought it would be something like 60 lira each. The food provided was lovely, the belly dancer...
  7. P

    Rahat Bar

    I know its back end of the season but the Rahat Bar is virtually empty every time we pass it. The waiters from the cafe opposite on the Quayside corner seem to serve people there. Very quiet compared to times gone past. Pete
  8. W

    eating out at Euro bar in Dalyan

    Last night we visited the Euro bar in Dalyan with a couple of Turkish friends, it was about 9 in the evening, restaurant empty apart from 2 friends of the owner, we walked in, no discernible greeting, we ordered our food, most of the menu was unavailable, so we had fish and chips, chicken etc...
  9. N

    Where is Typsy Bar Altinkum?

    Can some one tell me were typsy bar is
  10. D

    Berts Calypso Bar Hisaronu

    I have recently been told by a couple of different people that Bert ( Calypso Bar ) is not coming back to his premises in Hisaronu :-( can anyone else confirm this as this news is a big disappointment :-( In fairness I could see last season how hard he worked for 6 months and the...
  11. D

    Cengiz ( Cengiz bar Hisaronu )

    Sadly Cengiz ( from the Cengiz bar ) has had a heart attack :-( not sure how serious :-( a great local character with a fun personality.... but those who see him , like us, throughout the season will not be surprised :-( his lifestyle, something had to `give` he runs the bar...
  12. T

    Sunset Bar and Cafe in Tuzla

    Anyone out in Tuzla this week? Is ithe Sunset still open? I see Sunset 2 has opened with what looks like the table and chairs from the original. Just curious about the original site and what is going on there. The new one is closer for me, not sure if that's good or bad.
  13. J

    orient bar

    where in kusadasi is the orient bar please
  14. C

    charleys bar

    Which bar has charleys moved to just heard old charleys has been demolished
  15. Y

    Anchor Bar OPEN

    Just arrived in Yalikavak Anchor Bar is open again with Ahmet at the helm.!!
  16. C

    Big Nose Bar

    All change in Altiinkum Big Nose bar now located in the old kiss Bar Eric Denise & all the boys there to welcome you to there new home
  17. G

    Bar street

    Hi all, I'm coming over in a couple of weeks and was just wandering if all the bars and restaurants are up and running, are there any new bars in bar street or just the usual, also how much is an Ephes, probably 7/8 cos of the exchange rate. Gino
  18. M

    first time going to marmaris what's the price this year in bar street

    And do u have to pay entry to get in to the clubs Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  19. L

    Bar Opposite My China

    what is the name of the bar/restaurant opposite my china ? thanks:hmm:
  20. 5

    thinking of opening a british bar yes or no please

    hi to you all in altinkim/didim myself and a friend of mine both own apartments and we are seriously thinking about going into business together and open up a new bar from stratch just wondered what your thoughts are many thanks
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