1. Tenpin

    Electronic cigarettes to be banned totally

    Government attempting to kill tourism again. Electronic cigarettes to be banned totally: Minister - Turkey News Electronic cigarettes in*Turkey*will be banned completely, Health Minister*Fahrettin Koca*has said. The ministry is working on a number of new regulations and law amendments, Koca...
  2. mollag


    Signs on Turgutreis promenade tell that Motosiklets are banned, obviously nobody takes a blind bit of notice and, at times, it resembles Oulton park, it also states on a new patch "Ginger vb" also banned, anyone know what they are :hmm:
  3. IbrahimAbi

    Saudi World Cup ref banned

    Another own goal here. Ref gets a Red Card Saudi Arabia has banned referee Fahad Al Mirdasi from football for life for a match-fixing attempt, weeks before he was due to fly to Russia to officiate at the 2018 World Cup...
  4. C

    Russia Banned

    Russia have been banned from the winter Olympics - expect an appeal.
  5. bickern

    Selling of cats, dogs at pet shops to be banned across Turkey

    The selling of cats and dogs from pet shops will be banned across Turkey, according to a new regulation from the Forestry and Waters Affairs Ministry. The ministry has prepared a draft law on animals, animal rights and pet shops following a series of meetings with representatives of animal...
  6. B

    Should this word be banned?

    France debates the N-word - Al Jazeera English Is France right to be debating the use of this word? Or should it be allowed under the rules of "freedom of speech"? Bill.
  7. T

    Parents Banned from UK School Governing Boards!

    Why is this government through Nicky Morgan planning on preventing/banning parents from participating in/on school governing boards? Is it to try & hide the increasing privatisation of services & involvement of private funding, the increasing amount of EU propaganda being preached to our...
  8. bickern

    Criminal record checks BANNED on foreign murderers and rapists

    Asylum seekers and refugees applying to be minicab drivers are exempt from criminal records checks, potentially allowing murderers and rapists to get behind the wheel. Rules laid down by Transport for London (TfL) mean refugees and those applying for asylum do not have to reveal whether they...
  9. bal canavar

    Full Niqab should be now banned for security

    If there was ever a time for the full Niquab to be banned it is now . The niqab is not obligatory Therefore, there should be no quibbling over banning it for the security reasons. Do we need something to happen in UK or Turkey before acting ; or we may have more Lee Rigby type situations...
  10. bickern

    10 issues Turkish media is banned from reporting on.

    Turkey’s media organizations have been banned from reporting on a parliamentary inquiry into corruption allegations concerning four former ministers of Cabinet. Although the ban is unprecedented for a parliamentary inquiry, over 150 gag orders have been issued regarding the investigations of...
  11. Spurs


    SWAMPED. So that's another word that cannot be used to describe the on going migrant situation in the UK...........can we replace it with "there's ****ing loads of them"? "Say what you see" was the phrase on Catchphrase, it still stands as long as you don't use it relating to...
  12. C

    Is you tube still banned ?

    Hi all I was wondering if it is still banned,I heard that the ban was lifted but I still can't access it on my tablet. thank you.
  13. paddington bear

    All alcohol adverts to banned in Turkey?

    I have just heard from one of our local bar owners that as from the end of May all advertising of alcohol is banned from bars/restaurants and they all have to get rid of or cover over any advertising We will be all sat in the sun, no parasols, a lot of the bar furniture has EFES on so no tables...
  14. bal canavar

    May day rally Istanbul banned again.

    The banning for a second year ,of the traditional May day Rally by the AKP Mayor of Istanbul , will certainly lead to new protests. Taksim Square has always been a important and symbolic venue for political protest, but a red flag (pardon the pun ) to the Islamist AKP . They hate the use...
  15. Alexander

    Facebook banned in Turkey?

    I have just been trying to access Facebook from my Tirkish IP, and I failed. No problem with other IPs however (USA, Germany). Is it a local trouble or you have problems too?
  16. A

    Twitter Banned in Turkey

    Have just heard on Sky News that twitter is investigating that twitter has been banned in Turkey. Is this true?
  17. S

    Football banned

    Is there any truth that Turkeys Deputy Pm has announced that Turkish tv will not be permitted to show games during Ramadan, which actually clashes with World Cup this year?
  18. bickern

    Muslim beard row boys now banned from school

    Two Muslim schoolboys barred from classes because they would not shave off their beards have now been sent home from their school Muslim beard row boys now banned from school - Telegraph ------------------------------------------------ It is about time schools concentrated more on education...
  19. bickern

    Man who had sex with goat banned from every farm in the country

    İt beggars belief really. --------------------------------------------------- A man who admitted having sex with a goat has been banned from every farm in the country. Robert Newman has also been told he must stay indoors after dark until his sentencing hearing next month. The 23-year-old...
  20. kemerkid

    Banned members

    So far today I have seen ten new members show up in purple, I haven't seen them all because they have come and gone so quickly it's quite likely to have been double that. Aren't we lucky having such diligent Mods.
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