1. E

    Banks in the uk checking tax details.

    Has any one had letter from their uk bank asking for tax numbers .?
  2. gam101

    Banks, banks everywhere & none for help...

    Hey there folks! :humble: I've been off the TurkishLiving radar for a's been crazy trying to settle in & work out the logistics when you don't know Turkish. :wacko:'s still work in progress. So my recent adventure in Turk-land has been with the banks to get an account...
  3. E

    How did 3 public banks lose 3.6 billion

    3.6 milyar TL zarar nas?l olu?tu? Just as you you thought your money was safe.
  4. M

    UK Banks Access Online

    I was unable to log into my account with Barclays this week. I thought their site was down, so tried the following day. Still no joy, so I telephoned them. It seems that they are now not making online banking available to customers using, amongst others, Windows XP. Both Dave and I have...
  5. keny

    Changing Banks

    At the moment I am with Yapi Kredi. I find that customer service/contact is rubbish from UK. WHAT IS THE BEST BANK FOR ENGLISH CUSTOMERS? Thanks if you can help. Kenny.
  6. L

    When do the banks re-open.

    Like it says on the tin,When do the banks re-open?
  7. IbrahimAbi

    RIP Gordon Banks

    Banks of England had died. RIP Gordon, possibly the best ever. That debate will start now.
  8. T

    Interest rate ın Zıraat and other banks

    Hey Does anybody know about the interest of the vadeli hesap in Ziraat Bankasi? Two years ago it gave me 8 percent as far as I remembered for 10000 tl. It means that, every month it pays extra money for my main account. 65 tl for months with 30 days. It is not a yearly vadeli and the advantage...
  9. juco

    EU,Banks,Brexit. Worth watching

    It maybe worth keeping an eye on this....
  10. H

    Recommended banks

    I hope to move to Dalyan by the end of the year and wondered which is the best bank to open an account with Also I understand I need a tax number to open one so is there a tax office in Dalyan? Thanks
  11. suzyq

    Turkish PM warns banks to cut interest rates

    Turkish PM warns banks to cut interest rates or gov't will 'take its own measures' Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım on June 21 urged Turkey’s banking sector to cut interest rates, saying if it does not then the government will itself take forcible measures. “The train is about to leave...
  12. R

    turkish banks

    Hi can anyone advise on investing money in a Turkish bank.I am aware that thier interest rates are exceptionally higher than the UK. But is your money protected by the Turkish government if your chosen bank is in financial crisis. Next question is do you need a residents permit to open an...
  13. oldfogy

    Moody’s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative

    Moody?s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative - ECONOMICS So once again inlaymen's terms please, can anuone explain what this means to the average saver? Moody’s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative
  14. Helenm150

    S&P downgrades rating of 4 Turkish banks

    International rating agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) downgraded the rating of İş Bank, Vakıf Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank and Garanti Bank on Tuesday following a decision on Jan. 27 that revised its outlook on Turkey from stable to negative...
  15. yalimart

    Irish Banks

    There have been a few comments recently about how great the UK was when it played its part in bailing out the Irish Banks, at the time speculation was the £7 billion of taxpayers money was loaned to the Irish banks to repay UK and other European investors and this video goes someway to...
  16. oldfogy

    £50 notes and Turkish Banks?

    Obviously what should be a simple and straightforward question may not always end that way. The question is: Do Turkish banks Akbank in particular take English £50 notes? Only we hear so many different stories of the £50 note not being accepted 'both here in the Uk who are also trying to ban...
  17. immac

    Inflation & Exports & Banks 2016

    A few stories that will effect anyone living in Turkey: Annual inflation nears double digits in Turkey amid hikes in taxes, food prices - ECONOMICS Turkey?s exports drop 14.4 pct in first month of 2016 - ECONOMICS 1.3 mln Turks faced legal proceedings over bank debt in 2015 Sliding lira...
  18. J


    Does anyone know what days the banks will be shut this week?
  19. Billy Joe

    Food banks to be Job Centres.

    Thats effed it,the work shy won't be able to go cap in hand for their freebies. Job advisers placed in food banks, Iain Duncan Smith reveals - BBC News
  20. bickern

    Are banks shut today

    Are banks shut today in Turkey as it is Republic Day?
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