1. juco

    Banking UK, post Covid-19 ?

    Putting aside the rights and wrongs re the virus. I think most will accept that the economy is going to take a huge hit in the coming months, With billions being paid out from tax payers money, that at some stage will be clawed back. So looking forward what are others thoughts on the...
  2. oldfogy

    HSBC TR Banking upgrade works April 20-22

    Just received from HSBC TR
  3. juco

    bank card readers for online banking. UK

    Haven't tested it but apparently you can use any bank card reader for most banks in the UK as they are all built to the same standard.
  4. A

    Isbank internet banking

    Hello all you knowledgeable people out there, We have a holiday villa and a Turkish bank account with isbank. Despite God knows how many new pins we've been sent to mobile we are having a lot of trouble getting in to internet banking. Does anyone have a foolproof step by step guide? We set...
  5. H

    Banking novice

    I'm hoping to move out to Turkey by the end of the year but am confused as to what I should do re bank account. I've been told by my current bank Halifax that I have to be resident in UK to keep my account open.I also understand that to get a long term rental I need a Turkish account? ? I've...
  6. S

    Help with banking.

    My father used to live in fetiyhe and he had a bank account with finansbank, anyway he had to return home to the uk due to serious illness. We have been trying to retrieve the money from this bank account but the finansbank have been anything but helpful any ideas as to how we would go about...
  7. juco

    European banking

    What the heck is going on with the banks these days! European Central Bank cuts main interest rate to zero to try to lift eurozone economy In another stimulus move, the ECB has also again cut its deposit rate for banks leaving money on deposit with it. That was already negative meaning banks...
  8. immac

    Garanti on-line banking problem

    Is anyone else having problems getting on to Garanti Bank on-line banking? It sometimes allows me in, but then, part way through the transaction, closes the access and tell me to re-enter passwords. When I do that it then tells me they are not recognised and puts me through the process of...
  9. skididley

    Banking Advice / Garanti Bank

    Hi all, i wonder if any one could offer me advice, i have a Garanti bank account with a small amount of TL, i would like to withdraw this to a uk account, has anyone tried this from the uk with success and what is the best process....... i do not have a bank card only the passport book that i...
  10. N

    banking exchange TRY to GBP now?

    hi all i need to exchange TL back to pound about 60k but exchange rate just shot up does any body think it may drop a bit soon or should i do it now thanks for any help
  11. K

    Garanti Banking Query

    I have an current account with garanti which is online so as i can view my payments and direct debits. Yesterday i attempted to pay a payment into someone elses account at the same bank online. All seemed to go well put in recipitents name and account number and the payment of 250 ytl. I then...
  12. K

    Problems for expats using UK banking services

    We are preparing a report on issues that British expats in Turkey have with their banks in the UK. If you are resident in Turkey, and have had problems using UK banking services, simply because you are living abroad, please contact the editor at KTLN with your story. No personal details will...
  13. K

    SMS problems and Internet banking issues

    Is anybody else having problems with there internet banking .Not receiving SMS .:17: Every time i try to log on to my bank accounts it lets me in until the pin stage,then it should send me a pin number to my UK mobile phone. Both Garanti and deniz bank do not seem to be sending ther pins to...
  14. bickern

    New EU rules 'could mean the END of free banking

    BRITONS face paying to use credit and debit cards under imminent EU regulations which threaten to sound the death knell for free banking. Bank customers could also be charged to use cash machines and hold current accounts if the plans are given the nod in November. The proposed caps will lead...
  15. Mag

    Deposit banking recommendations please.

    Hi, looking for some advice regarding investing some money in a Turkish deposit account, for at least 12 months. However, reading back on some of the more recent threads, how safe do others feel their money is at the moment in Turkey? The interest rates are attractive compared to how little we...
  16. G

    Akbank onine banking

    I have been trying to access since Thursday evening without success, anyone else having problems with the akbank website?? :dizzy:
  17. Helenm150

    Safe banking

    In view of recent Turkish election results and adverse comments on the Turkish economy such as those made in the recent Forbes article - do forum members have any views on banking safely in Turkey - e.g. state compared to private banks, not exceeding the protected limit? Why The Worst Is Still...
  18. J

    online banking

    is it possible to change the phone number that you gave the bank for online banking at a turkish atm machine or to add a new number thanks in advance
  19. Y

    Banking in Yalikavak

    What's best bank in Yalikavak for 1. English speaking staff, 2. internet banking etc (available in English) and 3. from which I can set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders to other Turkish accounts. :ukflag:
  20. J

    Yapi Kredi Internet Banking Problems

    Despite having a valid customer login and password I am unable to login to the website. Is anyone experiencing similar problems?
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