1. A

    Bank Holiday in Turkey 29th October 2020

    :33:republic day in turkey: Thursday october 29th republic day in turkey celebrates the foundation of the turkish republic in 1923. This is a public holiday, meaning all government offices,[goc, nufus etc] banks, schools, and administration buildings are closed for the one day. :33:
  2. R

    Opening a bank account

    Hi. We need to open a Turkish bank account to pay in funds to purchase a property We won't own a property yet and we won't be renting one. Could we open an account with a sale contract? We have a tax number already. Thanks
  3. E

    Your English bank account could be closed if you don't have a UK address after Brexit

    As the heading says dose anyone know anything about this? Or is it just a talking point.
  4. J

    Bank interest rates

    Good afternoon, I have 100 000tl to deposit into a 12 month bank account. Could anyone advice me on the best interest rates/banks available. Thank you in advance - Jenny
  5. S

    English Speaker at Garanti Bank Bodrum Wanted Please

    Hi there - in normal circumstances I would be paying a visit to Garanti Bank (near Oasis/Gumbet roundabout) about now but not this year unfortunately. As I don't have internet banking with them I'm thinking of telephoning the bank and was just wondering whether anyone has an English speaking...
  6. M

    Ziraat Bank ATM Language to English

    Is there any option to change the language on Ziraat Bank ATM to English?
  7. K

    Bank or land

    For the first time i am thinking of taking our monet out the bank and buying a plot of land. Several plots have gone up 40% in two years. Interest rates are down and it seems more security in land than banks in these troubled times.
  8. I

    65 and over barred from Turkish bank

    Today is my 65 birthday, my husband and I live in Side, and today was our monthly bank day. Garanti bank sets the date for us, when we arrived today, security and the manager would not let us in. We were told to go back to the hotel (we told them we live here), have had an account with them...
  9. J

    bank savings interest rates

    what are the interest rates on savings in the garanti bank at the moment for turkish lira for 12 months
  10. J

    Send Money

    Hello all, Can anyone advise the easiest and cheapest way to send ytl to the UK and turn it into sterling on the way? Are there any Turkish apps like XE? Thank you J
  11. H

    Best bank for direct debits

    After owning a property in Akyaka for 17 years we've decided to start paying our own Bill's and to open a bank account. Some friends have told me of problems paying water Bill's be direct debit but surely some banks must have the facility. Any advice? Thanks.
  12. bickern

    Ultimate humiliation for a proud Scottish bank?

    Is this the ultimate humiliation for a proud Scottish bank? The Scottish National Party won’t like this one little bit: the new chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, Alison Rose, has decided to change its name to . . . NatWest. West, as in Westminster — the patch of London the SNP holds...
  13. M

    Ziraat Bank vs Isbank

    Between Ziraat bank and Isbank which one do you recommend for day to day banking (debit purchases, paying bills, ...) in terms of service, English speaking staff, lower maintenance fees and etc?
  14. A

    Close Garanti Bank Account

    I’m wanting to close my Garanti Bank Account and transfer the funds back to my NatWest,Account in the UK. I’ve been able to close the deposit account and transfer the balance to the current account online, but can’t find any way to close the current account and transfer the money to a UK...
  15. T

    Paying for rp card in ziraat bank

    Hello, Did anybody pay for rp card fee inside ziraat or other banks? I want to know which code we should use? The bank does not know exactly. In this website I saw 9192 which is the code that I think we should pay...
  16. Kalkan regular

    Can no longer pay tax from my Turkish bank account

    Hi, got this message from the Deniz bank a couple of days ago:- 'Değerli Müşterimiz, Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı'nın kararına göre; 01.01.2020 tarihi itibari ile Bankamız kanalları üzerinden maliye vergisi tahsilatları yalnızca kredi kartı ile sağlanabilecektir. Nakit ve hesaptan vergi (Gümrük ve...
  17. G

    UK phone No for Deniz Bank?

    Hi Does anyone know if I can use a uk mob Phone No for internet banking with Deniz bank? My turkish mob phone has been blocked by Turkcell, and they say I need to go to a turkcell shop to have it re-instated. I'm not sure if Deniz bank will change to uk no via a phone call from me. Any info...
  18. G

    First Direct Bank

    Hi does anyone use firstdirect bank to transfer funds from uk to turkey, and is it correct that there are no charges?
  19. J

    Bank Charges

    Hi - what banks do people use here in Turkey. We are being charged to withdraw money from our English bank and also by the Turkish bank we are drawing it from. It is approx 700 pounds per year! We use Santander. Any suggestions please. Thank you.
  20. Mushroom

    Garanti Bank -Transfer Limits and costs

    I recently went onto the Garanti website but couldn't find the answers I was looking for. Basically, I am shortly about to convert some Lira to Sterling via my Garanti App and then occasionally transfer the Sterling back to my UK bank. Could anyone tell me what the daily limits are please, first...
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