1. C

    Mosquito Repellant Bands

    Anybody tried these . that the kids can wear and go swimming looks interesting ALDI - Thursday Special Buys 16th May 2013
  2. ausfost

    72 bands

    you may have come across this before,study the attached picture; how many bands can you name? some sideways thinking may be needed. some answers below..... Re: 72 bands some lateral thinking required. Athlete Alice in chains Blind melon...
  3. M

    Rubber Bands

    Has anyone got any sensible ideas to utilise the horrid red rubber bands used by the Royal Mail? My thrifty nature will not allow me to throw them away, but they are taking over! I tried returning them, but Royal Mail do not want to know. There must be something they can be used for. Maisie
  4. B

    electricity bands and times

    there are 3 bands for electricity,can anyone tell me the times for these and what band is cheapest for air cons washing machines etc,as had a very large electricty bill for 1 month,some one said best time is after 10-00pm,can some one tell me the times for these bands etc
  5. peter the postie

    Mossie bands at Aldi

    Nice offer today at Aldi Click Here
  6. shirleyanntr

    Ottoman Mehter Bands

    Looking at one of Mustaqs super calender photos made me think of the Mehter Bands and the history behind them. Today they are a part of cultural heritage and the bands give rousing displays which evoke a stirring sound from the past. When the Ottomans went to war they did it accompanied by...
  7. Blessed

    Top 5 Bands

    What are your top 5 Mine: 1) Nirvana 2) System of a down 3) Evenesence 4) Linkin park 5) My chemical romance P.S Has anyone seen my Rum :w00t: :w00t:
  8. R

    Tax bands and interest info?

    Hello Been looking for hours to try and find out what kind of tax residents of Turkey pay on income generated by savings?What are the tax bands and amounts please?Here in England we can earn £5000 per person before paying tax.I want to know if this is the case in Turkey and then at what amounts...
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