1. E

    Is TEATV band now in turkey

    I was just wondering if someone knew if Teatv was closed down in turkey .I can get it on android but not the computer .cheers
  2. E

    Brit Band tragedy Another tragic accident .Does not seem long ago the other Brit band went in a river in the States and all died. Were on a 350 miles drive between gigs .Died early hours in the morning . Not saying anything ,but drove big rigs on nights...
  3. shirleyanntr

    İmam in a Rock Band

    this man is now under investigation as to whether he should be allowed to be either an İmam or perform in a Rock Band..this is because İmams are paid by the State..i think its great that he does this in his spare time..its just what Turkey needs..let the light in..what do you think. ISTANBUL //...
  4. T

    latest increases in 3 band electric rate, October 2012

    I've been advised that the Aydem electricity prices are going up yet again! Does anyone know the new rates for T1, T2, and T3 (inclusive of taxes etc)? Or how to work them out?
  5. perfect1949

    girl band pussy riot are jailed for 2 years

    so much for democracy , Russia is still a police state . what do you think should they have been jailed . dave
  6. Martian106

    New Band

    Not sure if I should do this but my new band is up and running, visit the Media page at - UK Progressive Rock Band and have a listen ......Debut Album out later this year!! Cheers
  7. mollag

    Profound advice from the big band era.

    If you like philosophy and the Swing band sound, try this, its one of my favorite clips. [its really just bloody funny :becky:] Loose Shoes - YouTube

    Gastric Band

    :director:Just wondered if any of you have had the gastric band hypnosis or do you know of anybody that has had it. Did it work or is it a load of bull. Jeannie
  9. tykatem

    Wear your old band Tshirt day !

    According to BBC 6 music today is national wear your old band T shirt day. What are you/ or would you be wearing ? Pete
  10. Firefox

    All Men are Banned

    The start of the Turkish football season it seems Lads are not welcome at football matches only women and childern under 12. Is it because Men are naturally Hooligans??? See Here Ladies' Night at Fenerbahce: Male Fans Banned From Turkish Soccer Match - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
  11. S

    UK Mobile Quad Band Phones

    Hi everyone have recently returned from an unintentional long stay in the UK. We purchased a Dual Band mobile phone from ebay via China which should have alledgedly worked in Turkey - the english sim card works but not the turkish anyone got any advice please as to whether these dual, tri and...
  12. S

    Excellent band

    Just started getting into "The Muse" they have an excellent sound and particularly love both the beat and lyrics of their release "Uprising" Worth checking out
  13. D

    Gümüşlük Ottoman Military band - 29th October

    Information's a bit thin on the ground (partly because I don't speak enough Turkish yet), but as most of you know, Thursday celebrates Cumhuriyet Bayramı (Turkish Republic Day). There will be various events, marching bands and celebrations around the peninsula. In Gümüşlük the following is...
  14. A

    using extra band width

    Please can some one point me in the right direction. I have a password on my Airties modem that was changed twice to make it more secure. I am still getting a high bill and I just dont know who to contact to sort this out. We have paid a double bill for 6 months and I must get this sorted NOW b4...
  15. M

    World Band Radio

    Hi there, does anyone know if it is possible to get a good reception with a World Band Radio? If it is possible I would invest in a good quality one but thought I would ask the question first as it may be a costly mistake - we are in Gulluck and surrounded by hills! Cheers
  16. peter the postie

    Flipside Band

    Right, not long before we come out again so I best get organising our boozy nights :becky: First question, can anyone tell me if The Flipside Band are still on in Valentines at weekends? Oh and if anyone knows of any other entertainment that doesn't involve breakdancing or fireworks I'd...
  17. Philogic

    Band width exceeded

    I had this appear for several hours this morning when trying to access the forum. Is it me/my computer or is there a fault with the site? Phil
  18. dalid69

    2008 Tax Rates (band roll)

    Hi,not sure if anyone else has come across the new tax rates for this year,they used to go from 1-3 year old cars and then the price goes down in stages,however this year they now go from 1-6 years so if your car,van etc was cheaper last year then you have probably already found out that its now...
  19. shirleyanntr

    Ottoman Mehter Bands

    Looking at one of Mustaqs super calender photos made me think of the Mehter Bands and the history behind them. Today they are a part of cultural heritage and the bands give rousing displays which evoke a stirring sound from the past. When the Ottomans went to war they did it accompanied by...
  20. merlin

    Woody Allen Jazz Band To Give A Concert In Istanbul....

    Istanbul will host world-famous director, actor and writer Woody Allen and his jazz band in December. ''Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band'' will give a new year concert at Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center (ICEC) on December 29th. Tickets will be sold at 50-150 YTL. The band...
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