1. L

    authentic balti curries in marmaris.

    If you are looking for a really good balti curry (Ali, the chef is from Birmingham), try the Taste of India. The chicken tikka starter is delicious as are all the dishes on offer. Due to politics they can not show the Taste of India sign . It is located below the GMS Motel, which is just up...
  2. whu66

    Sweet/Tangy Chicken Balti

    God im Bored today(lack of football i think),thought id share this with you all,tastes like the real deal First make a paste with 4tblsp of natural yoghurt 2tblsp of tomato puree 4tblsp of mango chutney(sharwoods green label 1) 1 teasp of garam masala powder 1 teasp of chilli powder 2 teasp of...
  3. alison09400

    The Balti House

    Mavi and I went to the Balti House last night before our WIT meeting and we were quite disappointed. Infact we were still trying to digest the meal on our journey back up to Kusadasi 3 hours later. The indian restaurant in Kusadasi closed about 4 months ago and we've been dying for a curry...
  4. B

    Balti House Authentic Indian Cuisine

    Hı there ın 1999 that was my fırst tıme 2 Turkey in ALTINKUM.Everythıng was fantastıc.I really enjoyed my holıday.The thıng was make my holıday be great been 2 Balti House authentic ındian cuısıne rest. and met 2 BILLY.Couse he looked us very well and be so frıendly 2 us and also served us...
  5. russandjan


    : 8 servings 1 Recipe Balti masala spice 6 fl Vinegar (spiced or plain, as -you prefer) 6 fl Vegetable oil (sunflower or -peanut) A paste which, like Balti sauce, appears repeatedly in Balti recipes. Place the ground spices in a...
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