1. Tenpin

    A giant balloon dubbed "Trump baby"

    Trump 'angry baby' blimp gets green light to fly over London during president's visit The six-metre balloon depicting Mr Trump as a nappy-clad orange baby will take flight from Parliament Square Gardens on 13 July...
  2. lilacdiana

    Cappodicia balloon flight

    Has anyone ever done the cappodicia balloon flight. I was wondering if anyone had a rough price guide. There is a huge difference in the companies that advertise online!. thanks Di
  3. V

    Fatal hot air balloon crash

    Sad to see another hot air balloon crash in Capaddocia has left one dead and 20 injured. The 3rd so far this year. Hot air balloon crash in Turkey kills 1 tourist, hurts 20 | Daily Mail Online
  4. tykatem

    Balloon crash in Cappadocia

    At least 12 South Korean tourists were injured when a hot-air balloon they were traveling in crashed in the popular Turkish resort of Denizli's Pamukkale district. The reason of the crash is still unknown. The wounded tourists were taken to Denizli Private Health Hospital. Last December, a...
  5. D

    Hot Air Balloon Crash in Cappadocia

    Just seen this announcement on the RSOE website, apparantly one killed and 24 injured. How upsetting, we did this last year. Makes you stop and think.......
  6. pepperkat

    19 dead in Balloon accident in Luxor, Egypt

    It has just been announced on the BBC ,that a hot air ballon has crashed to the ground in Luxor , killing 19 people.
  7. F

    Input/tips regarding a trip from Alanya to Cappadocias

    Hi I am aware that there was a thread concerning this trip earlier but I'm planning on a more upcoming trip. Does anyone know of, or can (not) recommend operators who offer reasonable tours from Alanya (or nearby) to Cappadocia? I expect bus fares, eating accommodations, higher standard hotels...
  8. Mag

    Balloon Man

    Is it true that our "Balloon Man" has passed away? Be very sad if it is the case.
  9. v6cod

    The moons a balloon

  10. P

    Cappadocia to Mardin part 3 The Balloon Trip

    Tuesday 4th May. The Balloon Trip!! Well here’s the first negative note of the holiday. We had to get up at 05.20 for our balloon trip!!! But it was worth it! If you are coming to Cappadocia, beg steal or borrow, but find the money for the balloon trip. And make sure you spend the extra...
  11. yalimart

    Fergies balloon trick

    Sir Alex Ferguson arriving at anfield ahead of sundays game. martin
  12. KKOB

    Balloon Art

    This makes Zippo the Clown and his balloon animals look a bit lame. Atuendos Hechos con Globos +
  13. KKOB

    British Man Killed In Cappadocia Balloon Crash

    A British man has been killed and ten other people injured in a hot air balloon crash in Turkey. Skip Briton is killed in balloon crash - Yahoo! News UK
  14. Andy

    Hot Air Balloon Flight

    50% off with this code. NFU countrywide. It works out to about £130 per person.
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