1. gam101

    Balcony BBQ / grilling?

    Ola folks! Quick question please; When renting, is it possible/permissible to BBQ :flame: with a small gas grill in apartments on the balcony, generally speaking? We are still new & settling in around Istanbul, so the above info. is appreciated. Thank you. :thanks:
  2. E

    Balcony legal question

    Hopefully somebody can answer this. We live in a facility with 110 apartments total. We are the owners of 1 of them.Since a school is being built basically directly in front of our back balcony, we would like to put glass panels around the balcony to quiet it down a bit. I talked about it to...
  3. A

    Balcony Furniture in Yalikavak?

    Hi, Can anybody recommend reasonably priced furniture in yalikavak, it's for small sofa , coffee table for balcony area. If you know of anywhere that would also deliver it. Thanks.
  4. P

    Glass and stainless steel balcony railings

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and cost-effective company who can replace our existing steel balcony railings with a glass and stainless steel option? Thanks Paul.
  5. R

    Balcony windows

    hi does anyone know where I can get a quote for the folding glass windows in the Akbuk area please. Preferably someone who can speak a little English
  6. J

    Anyone selling wicker balcony furniture

    Hi, is anyone selling balcony furniture please?
  7. B

    Balcony railings:

    HI, Does anybody know the names of companies in Yalikavak area that, supply and fit polished tubular steel balcony railings with glass panels. Thanks in advance.
  8. R

    Propane BBQ grill on balcony?

    Anyone have problems with a propane bbq grill on there balcony? One the 4th floor of an 8 story complex.
  9. Talkinman

    Balcony chairs

    We are looking to buy some high backed adjustable chairs for the balcony, Have tried most of the big stores in Bodrum without success. Any suggestions for these in the Bodrum area please.
  10. M

    Balcony Enclosure Advice.

    We are in the process of enclosing our roof terrace and would welcome any advice on the type of glass enclosure is the best. We have been offered sliding and concertina type enclosures. The roof terrace is exposed to strong wind at times as it is quite high and facing the sea. Which type is...
  11. runjarrr

    balcony plants

    Hi! We have just bought an appartment on 4th floor in Mahmutlar. Thinking about getting some plants for the balcony but we don't know what kind of flowers/trees are suitable for this. We are not going to live here all year round so we are looking for plants which don't need a lot of care and...
  12. runjarrr

    Outdoor / rattan - furnitures, where to buy?

    Hello, im new to this country and to this forum, and hope i post this correct. :-) well, I have just bought a apartment in Mahmutlar, and need furnitures for my 2 balconys. Where is the best place to buy it? Would be happy if some could add some informations, and maybe som links to shops in...
  13. lara

    The Balcony

    The good weather's on its way so İ cleaned off my one and only balcony in the expectation that we will be using it more. The balcony is off the lounge so we tend to use it as a second room, we have our meals out there, entertain family and friends and generally live on the balcony during the...
  14. immac

    Balcony Tomato Growing

    I need some local (Turkish) knowledge on growing toms on the balcony. Are there local varieties better than others? When will I see the young plants on sale in the markets? Are there Turkish fertilizers made for purpose? Any other local info will be welcomed. I have grown them in UK many years...
  15. A

    Silent Balcony-

    Hello everyone, I will be visiting Istabul in about a week hopefully, can't wait to see the beautiful city. I decided to take a long holiday for once, so my stay is going to be about 10 days, so anyway cz its holiday season hotel prices are rediculously high. And, I wanted a change from all...
  16. immac

    Roof Balcony Problem

    I have a duplex apartment with a small balcony/terrace on the top (4th floor) floor outside the bedroom. It seems this may be an illegal addition to the apartment at the point of building. I don´t use the area - too hot in summer, too exposed in winter. I only use it for sat dishes. It certainly...
  17. L

    Plastic Balcony Enclosure

    We are looking to get quotes for a plastic balcony enclosure, the clear plastic type which zip together and roll up, for use during the winter months, can anyone recommend a company in the area? Many thanks. Lin
  18. ICF

    Balcony BBQ

    :thumbup:Not long off my Hol's at Olive Gardens:thumbup: This might be a daft question but do you use the stone built Turkish balcony BBQ's the same as an ordinary one.
  19. Madwife

    Balcony Awnings

    We're thinking of getting an awning for our balcony, which is on the top of the block. Number 4, used to be 9. Noticed that one or two people have already got these. Any tips on where to get them from? And any ideas of the cost
  20. L

    Balcony chairs

    Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Manavgat/Side that sells chairs that recline so you can put yr feet up for the balcony, plastic is fine. I don't want the ones that are used on the beach as they will take up too much room. Thanks for your help. Louise
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