1. paddington bear

    Baking Powder and Bicarbanate of Soda

    I will shortly be running out of my English supplies of baking powder and bicarb of soda. I have seen karbonate (spelling) in the shops, what is this please, I presume it's bicarb of soda. If so what is baking powder please? Sue
  2. raven

    Börek Recipes or Good Turkish baking website help please!

    Hi My Mother In Law is coming to stay on Sunday and arriving late, thought I would make Börek but the only one I know to make is spinach and cheese. As I can't get any spinach just now I thought I would make a mince Börek but I am struggling to find a good recipe. Does anyone have a recipe...
  3. raven

    Baking Powder and Cream of Tartar

    Hi Everyone I went through all the posts and figured out that I might be able to find cream of tartar as, tarta kremi, but what is Baking Powder Called and where can I find it. I did manage to find Bi Carb yesterday. Any help would be great.
  4. Bubskar

    Baking n TLF surfing .....

    ........ is a recipe for disaster - being nosey on TLF - I've overcooked me, otherwise, perfect scones that were in the oven!!! Will pass them off to friends as Rock Cakes instead - is that cheating ???:confused:
  5. Peaceplant

    Batch Baking

    Phew İ am totally worn out after a full afternoon baking!!! First İ raked around in my food cupboard to see what İ had and how it would go with the fruit sadly neglected in my fruit bowl such as apples and kiwis and over-ripe bananas. The idea was to use it up and bake batches to freeze...
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