1. bal canavar

    Kidnapped Turkish Workers in Baghdad

    Eighteen Turkish workers kidnapped in Baghdad, firm says Gunmen in military uniform seized 18 Turkish workers from a sports stadium they were building in northeastern Baghdad on Wednesday, their company said, in what Ankara said appeared to have been a targeted attack. Diplomats have said...
  2. A89

    Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad.

    Ive just finished reading this fantastic book and it has moved me profoundly. Its one of those books you know you will never forget. The whole book is a series of emails between two women. One a journalist and busy mother in London, the other an Iraqi woman living in Baghdad and lecturing in...
  3. no-nem


    Went through the town centre bazzarr area of Kuş today, and discovered all the paving and walkways dug up and the whole centre currently looks like a Baghdad side street.Anybody know what they are replacing it with?
  4. merlin

    Fancy Baghdad for a few days?

    Iraqi Airways has resumed flights between Baghdad and Istanbul from today, in a twice weekly service. The last time an Iraqi Airways plane landed at Ataturk Airport was in 1991.
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