1. G

    Baggage from Heathrow?

    Hi All, I'm travelling from Heathrow to Bodrum on Sunday via Istanbul, I know my luggage goes direct to Bodrum, while I wait for my connection at Istanbul, but now that Bodrum has 2 terminals, Domestic and International, I was wondering where my Luggage would end up? or will it be on the same...
  2. G

    Excess baggage costs

    Does anyone know how much excess baggage charge would be for a pushchair. Flying with Turkish Airlines. My daughter has bought one in the UK to take back to Ataturk from Manchester. The website is very confusing. Thanks.
  3. Akasya

    Turkish airlines excess baggage

    Flying Turkish airlines London Heathrow / Istanbul Ataturk / Bodrum BJV , does anyone know by chance the cost per kilo of excess baggage . I want to take a top box and two crash helmets ( inside said box ) as EB and for the life of me and cannot work out the costings . Many thanks in advance...
  4. Camden

    Baggage Drop

    Does anyone know if THY has a" day/night before baggage drop" in Gatwick like B.A. has in some cases? As flying next week to Istanbul and there is a proposed train dispute so want to drop off my excess charity paraphernalia luggage rather than struggling on the day maybe even may take my bike...
  5. D

    Turkish airlines extra checked baggage ??

    Hi all In flying Turkish Airlines from London Gatwick to Izmir via Istanbul on Saturday. Flying economy and have 23kg free checked baggage, does anyone know how much I will pay for an extra checked bag of the same weight?
  6. Y

    Thy airlines excess baggage booking

    Can anyone explain how to book excess baggage on a thy airlines flight that is already booked . I have been shopping on my hols and have 20 kilos over my baggage allowance . I thought it would be less expensive to pre book the excess luggage on line a couple of days beforemy return flight...
  7. C

    Thomas cook baggage allowance

    Hi all. I was thinking of booking a flight back to the UK for a week from bodrum,on the Thomas cook website it says 15kgs hold baggage,that is enough for me,I was just wondering is there a fee for this whilst booking the ticket on line ? I didn't want to go through the process of booking my...
  8. Lindacm

    Easy Jet Baggage Rant!

    Booked tickets with EasyJet last year, but didn't book luggage at the time...not sure if we want one or two suitcases! Just gone on-line to book baggage for our end of April flight, to find they now want to charge us £53 per bag. If I were to book a new flight today, the same bag would cost me...
  9. G

    Thomson Baggage

    While on the subject of luggage .I have booked with Thomson but the flight is with Freebird Airlines now my ticket say only 20kg i think they mean hold and cabin together .Can anyone confirm that's right or can we take some hand luggage on board aswell
  10. saffie

    New Easy Jet cabin baggage restrictions

    Better pack light! easyJet squashes maximum cabin baggage size by more than a third | Mail Online Now only 50x40x20 will be allowed from 2 July saffie
  11. RachelAlicia93

    Turkish Airlines baggage

    Hello! I am flying to Turkey tomorrow and I am staying for at least 3 months maybe 4 months and on my e ticket it says my free baggage allowance is 23kgs but on the website it says 8kgs, so does anyone know which is correct? And also can I buy online extra baggage? As I am going for 3/4 months I...
  12. P

    Baggage allowance with Turkish airlines.

    I have just booked to go to Izmir,economy and was quite surprised at the generous 23 Kilo allowance and 8 Kilo cabin allowance.I hope others follow suit,well done.
  13. J

    Baggage held in Istanbul!!!

    We have now been living in Avsallar for 4 weeks and customs in Istanbul have been holding 4 of our boxes since 13th July as they say they are overweight. We paid Fedex in England for the transport of these boxes "door to door". We cannot get through to anyone in Turkey and Fedex are useless. Can...
  14. Helenm150

    Splitting Baggage Allowance

    Does anyone know if I can I split a 20kg baggage allowance booked with Fly Thomas Cook between 1 suitcase and a boxed item? Many thanks, Helen
  15. scotssteve

    Baggage Strike Stansted!

    BBC News - Stansted Airport baggage handler strike begins and a happy bank holiday weekend to all of you due to leave from stansted- choosing their timing with maximum impact selfish B......................................
  16. T

    Easyjet Baggage Query

    Anyone know if I can checkin online for Easyjet flight even if I have hold luggage? Is there a bag drop for Easyjet. (their web site confuses me)
  17. A

    Turkish airlines baggage.

    The baggage allowance on THY is 23kgs. Can this 23kgs be split into two bags or do they only allow one bag per person? Thanks .
  18. A

    Help please - baggage query

    Hi all, I would like some advice on taking a guitar back to Turkey, PGS are saying I would have to take on board and pay for an additional seat! Are fragile goods not allowed to be stored in the aircraft hold? What do people do about other lightweight goods (sporting equipment?). I can't believe...
  19. Z

    atlasjet cabin baggage query

    Hi can anyone help...I am travelling with Atlasjet from Ist/Bod and I'm just trying to workout if I can take my laptop in my hand/cabin baggage, one of the images/signs looks like no laptops in hand luggage, cant seem to get a response from Atlasjet. zip
  20. R

    Onur Baggage

    Sorry bet its been asked a million times, can you combine the 15kg allowance for a couple into one case at no extra cost with Onur (ie one 30kg case), their t and cs state no case to exceed 32kg for health and safety but nothing about combined allowance.
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