1. bickern

    Plastic bag charges coming to Turkey

    The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Nov. 13 submitted a draft law to the parliament updating the regulatory regime for packing and waste proposing the ban of free plastic bags at supermarkets. The regulation is planned to be effective as of Jan. 1, 2019. AKP Deputy Chair Mehmet...
  2. E

    Blepharoplasty (eye bag removal) in Turkey

    Hi Has anyone had this done if so what are the costs please' Thanks
  3. HelenSnowball

    Fell into a bag of Wotsits...

    Meet Britain's biggest tanorexic Hannah Norman | Daily Mail Online Sessions on a sunbed?? Needs sessions on a psychiatrists couch, methinks.
  4. H

    Dalaman airport bag drop Thomsons

    I have booked with Thomsons and with the check in online facility going from Manchester they have a bag drop area so I don't have to queue at check in Does Dalaman airport have the same facility for my return journey? Thanks
  5. B

    Diplomatic Bag opened by Spain.

    BBC News - UK protest at Gibraltar diplomatic bag opening Spain certainly seem to be upping the stakes regarding Gibraltar. Bill.
  6. altinkum kev

    Lineker's bar,scum bag.

  7. Fuzzy

    New golf bag for sale

    Never been used, brand new " Power-bilt" in black white and khaki. TL150 in Yalikavak area.
  8. juco

    Be aware...airport bag thefts

    bag theft... The Booster Bag Scam

    Man bag part 2

    Well I am not sure what the War Department is trying to do to me,having successfully fought off the demands for a Man bag she now wants me to take her to see Andre Rieu. Other than dressing like me old mate Philip on a Saturday night, I know nothing about him and I was wondering have any TLFs...
  10. SLEEPY

    Man Bag

    Well the War Department is on the rampage. She is not happy about the fact that I always lose my keys,wallet,car documents phone(not at the same time) She is now of the view that I should get a man bag to hold all. Well I am having none of it,as a big Paddy that's the last thing I would have...
  11. C

    Thanks to the yucelen hospital and bag kur

    I just have to hand out some bouquets to the above for the way I was dealt with recently. Will try to keep it short, for the past few months I have had a cramp in my right calf which got worse if I walked 50 metres, so last Tuesday I decided to go to the Yucelen in Ortaca, explained the problem...
  12. tomc1984

    Hoover bag

    Anyone in Yalikavak know where I can get replacement bags for a King vaccuum cleaner, "betty" model. Teksan had lots of different ones but not for a King. It was bought somewhere in Bodrum so presume it is Turkish.
  13. bigred

    I packed my bag and in it I put......?

    Remember this game you used you play on long journeys when you were a kid? Well each time I visit Turkey, I usually end up with a "next time I come, I must remember to bring...X." list. What is on your must bring list? Or if you live in Turkey and have somebody visiting you from abroad - what...
  14. T

    Wanted silk sleeping bag liner

    Wanted a single silk travel sleeping bag liner, (Sleep Sheet)anyone have one? If so let me know please.
  15. arrian

    How to pack a bag

    courtesy of Ryan Air! i have to say i was quite impressed at how much he got in the bag, and the way he did it!. see the video. Ryanair gives lesson to 'mutiny' students - Yahoo! Travel UK
  16. perfect1949

    Italy is to ban the plastic bag

    as from the 1st of january ITALY will ban the plastic bag , i wonder if the rest of the world will follow . englandsrose2 , christine ,had better stock up lol . dave
  17. CJD

    Not so humble Carrier bag

    30 Creative Bag Advertisements | Bored Panda made me smile :)
  18. Briand

    Up to £80 to take a bag on a Ryanair flight: Airline

    I think this is just the beginning another rip off link below. Ryanair back in profit after growth in passengers and lower fuel prices | Mail Online Briand. :36329ht5b
  19. immac

    Vacuum Bag Machine

    Kitchen vacuum sealer. Anyone know if these are available in Turkey? Machine sucks air out of food bag then seals it with heat. Ian
  20. the sausage king

    Bag piper required

    Hello everyone, Here is a request that I hope someone can help me with. I need someone that plays the bag pipes for two wedding receptions and a burns night that I am organising, can anyone please help.
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