1. Tommie

    Selenes - Bafa Lake

    Just spent a few days at Selenes Pension by Bafa Lake. The weather was ideal, the scenery was vivid. The food was also good as well. Took a few photos whilst I was there. Tried very hard, with some success, to take some shots of the swallows. Apart from the fact that they were rather small...
  2. B

    Bafa Lake

    Shot in the dark but would any of you be able offer advice on fishing Lake Bafa? Do we need permits, where to fish, bait etc. Any advice at all really. My Father has Parkinsons and unfortunately it really has got a grip on him. This holiday will be the last we ever have with him and my mum. My...
  3. C

    Restaurants around Bafa Lake

    Just thought I would warn everyone about a lakeside restaurant overlooking Bafa lake. On our transfer we thought it would be a good idea to stop at one of the lakeside locantas by Bafa Lake.The one we tried was Turgay Restaurant its the 1st one of two and has a jetty/cabana type dining area.We...
  4. B

    BAFA Lake Ripp Off

    Hello All. My fmily members came over and landed at Bodrum Airport yesterday. The driver stopped at Bafa Lake for refreshments on the way to Altinkum. I am warning you all now: Do not under any circumstances go to the resturant at Bafa Lake by the LUKOIL petrol station . They were charged...
  5. Tommie

    Bafa Town

    We are planning to go from Tinky to Bafa Town on Sunday. We know what busses to get and we know where to change. We did go the the bus hut near the shopping centre but the guy was not very helpful. Not the usual chap we see. Looked on the Soke Seyahat site and it seems the the buses are every...
  6. sunshine

    Selene's Pension Bafa Lake

    Hi has any one stayed at Selenes Pension Bafa Lake? We have been there on a day trip which involved a boat trip and a meal which was great, we were impressed by the scenery and atmosphere it had a small pool and one of those chill out caravans like the meandros restaurant. It is also a small...
  7. Yalides

    Bafa lake in october.

    October 3rd at Bafa lake.
  8. M

    Bafa Lake

    Hi can anyone tell me how to get to Bafa Lake from Akbuk we would like to go one morning for brekky but havent got a car would it be possible to get a bus ? many thanks x
  9. A

    lake bafa

    hi has anybody been on the lake bafa day trip just wondered what it was like
  10. zozatky

    Out n About with Hida & Stan Bafa Golu..

    Bafa Golu... Out and About With Hilda and Stan 11th April 2007 Bafa Golu (Camiici Golu) Here we are once again, out in the middle of nowhere. The first time we saw the lake we thought it was a mirage. It seemed to appear from thin air and stretched as far as we could see. After chatting to a...
  11. L

    Lake Bafa

    Hi Has anyone been to Lake Bafa? How far it is from Altinkum? Can you get public transport and does anyone know if you can fish there? Thanks
  12. B

    Bucak near Bafa

    Does anyone know the story behind the ruined castle at Bucak near Bafa? I can't find anything on the www.
  13. N

    Bafa land

    Hi , Bought a plot of land through Choices ( Altinkum ) when I was over in August , a plot near a designated " park " . Any other members bought over there , might be good to keep in touch ?
  14. P

    Can you tell me anything about Bafa Lake?

    Not sure if this could have gone into a better forum or not but I'll ask my question here. Can anyone tell me a bit more about Bafa Lake? Ive heard about it and went past it briefly out of season when going back to Bodrum airport but really want to know more about the lake and its use. - What...
  15. greeny

    Akbuk / Bafa Lake

    Hello I have bought off plan a butterfly villa near Bafa lake from mushroomhomes . My nearest beach would be at Akbuk so will i be part of the Akbuk group? Jane :der:
  16. G

    Lake Bafa

    Does anyone know what fishing potential this massive lake has. Been interested to hear if anyone has fished there before? Looking for info on the web just mentions Salmon, trout and Mullet and not much else.
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