1. Yalides


    Think The Life Cycle Should Go Backwards. I think we Should Start Out Dead And then come to life. Then we’d Wake Up In An Old Age and start Feeling Better Every Day. Then we’d Get Kicked Out of the old peoples home we’re in for Being Too Healthy; We’d go And Collect our Pension, until we’re...
  2. altinkum kev

    Going home backwards

    Should be an exciting drive home in a taxi. Taken from TDN. Taxis to charge in reverse gear too. Taxi meters in Turkey are to be set to count both forward and backward mileage as announced by the Industry Ministry this came into action yesterday.
  3. perfect1949

    do you go that extra mile for family and friends , and bend over backwards for them

    i sure do and always will do , even when you get taken advantage of sometime's . i'm sure there are allot on here does the same . dave
  4. culturevulture

    Another step backwards???

    The sale of alcohol will be banned at municipality-owned establishments and along roads designated as highways and state routes in the traffic code, officials said. Answering questions raised by the public, they said there was no provision in the regulation regarding alcohol sales at venues in...
  5. PhilCo

    Live backwards.

    When you think about it, the human life cycle is all backwards. Ideally, it should start with dying [just to get it out of the way!]. Then you should go to live in an old age home until you're kicked out for being too healthy. You then collect your pension until you start work and you get a...
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