1. E

    Jet2 flights back on to Spain.

    Jet2 flights back on to Spain. Come to the airport as normal. Wish they would make their bloody minds up.
  2. bickern

    Nature bounces back in Turkey

    Nature bounces back in Turkey under lockdown The air quality in Turkish cities has improved since Covid-19 restrictions were imposed. Footage from across the country showing clearer skies, cleaner water and animals roaming in urban areas deserted by people has been widely shared, with many...
  3. bickern

    How Istanbul won back its crown

    How Istanbul won back its crown as heart of the Muslim world. While Turkey stands accused of domestic repression, its largest city is increasingly seen as a beacon for the persecuted. A ruined yali, or Bosphorus mansion, is still standing on the shore of the largest island of the Istanbul...
  4. bickern

    Get back to Turkey

    I have friends who live in Dalyan, with Turkish residency, that visited London, then Coronavirus hit and their flight back was cancelled by Easyjet, but rebooked for the 25th March, now that has been cancelled and rebooked for 1st April. The worry is that will get cancelled, so does anyone have...
  5. bickern

    Brings back memories of when I was young

    When I was just a little boy We didn’t have a lot My mother kept the lights on With some silver in the slot The tv was a rental one That too was on a meter But when I cast my mind back Life back then, seemed so much sweeter The larder wasn’t always full Of tasty things to eat But we didn’t...
  6. Akasya

    Turkey sends back Isis foreigners Turkey tells foreign states , we dont want your rubbish , regardless of being stripped of statehood they are going back Steve
  7. ted j

    Freddie's back

    Rabbit cover freddie mercury style - YouTube
  8. bickern

    MPs back abortion and same-sex marriage in NI

    Westminster MPs have voted overwhelmingly to extend same-sex marriage and access to abortion to Northern Ireland. The devolved Northern Ireland government at Stormont collapsed in 2017, and repeated talks have failed to repair the breach. Under the amendments approved by the Commons, the...
  9. M

    Going back to UK and homes required for two dogs

    Hi We have a friend who at the moment has two dogs, but she now urgently is to return to the UK, she has tried to get them re homed but no luck there. She is now asking for advice. She does not want them to be thrown out on the street.(She took both of them off the street) She thought about...
  10. bickern

    Bring it back!

    Corporal Punshment - Leeds Education Policy 1906 - Schools in the 60s were much more brutal than this policy. It was 1 stroke of the cane for being late for a couple of years. On Friday morning's assembly there were a queue of offenders waiting to receive six strokes in front of all the school.
  11. E

    Pay back time

    Nice to see the bulls get their own back ,watch them all
  12. bickern

    Isis brides flocking back to the UK

    A group of women suspected of forming an all-female jihadi cell after travelling to Syria with their Isis husbands are seeking to return to the UK - an investigation has revealed. Natalie Bracht, sisters Reema Iqbal and Zara Iqbal, Ruzina Khanam, Maylbongwe Sibanda are among hundreds of British...
  13. mollag

    The nasty is back

    Need I elaborate? the nastiness and childish name calling returns to TL, thankfully member blocking keeps it to a minimum.:frown:
  14. Graham7

    Have to phone to et back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English

    Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English Have to phone to get back online with HSBC what number for someone who speak English ?? Thanks.
  15. K

    French to bring back National Service

    President Macron is keeping one of his election promises.
  16. S

    mods, please delete my alternate account i used to log back in and retrieve my old on

    i got locked out of this account, and i deleted my email previously, so i created a new account called silly with the intention of retrieving the old account, so please delete it and please forgive me because i just remembered my password. EDIT: sorry for the trouble.
  17. M

    I'm Back

    Bet you didn't notice I was gone! Nearly two weeks ago now, I got carted off to hospital. I was "in" for 9 days and they don't know what was wrong with me. On day 5 hubby collapsed whilst visiting me and ended up an in patient himself. Again - total mystery. Voilently sick and vomiting...
  18. F

    Turkish Tourism Bounces Back!

    Spot Blue Turkish Tourism Bounces Back and Looks Forward to 2018 The Turkish tourism industry started 2017 with apprehension, but industry insiders are celebrating a successful comeback with high hopes for 2018. Stats revealed by the country’s official statistical organisation said in the...
  19. F

    Turkey tourism almost back to 2015 levels!!

    Thomas Cook’s Turkey capacity has almost returned to 2015 levels. The country became Cook's "number one selling destination" in the lates period Speaking at the Hays Travel Independence Group annual conference in Marbella, Katrina Latimer, trade partnership manager at Cook, said that the rising...
  20. S

    Left Turkey and gone back home?

    just curious to know how many of you have lived in turkey and now sold up and come home and how you are getting on, also why did you return,
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