1. S

    Are sterilising tablets for babies available in Istanbul?

    Is it possible to buy sterilising tablets such as Milton tablets for baby bottles etc., in Istanbul? Are they available in supermarkets and/or pharmacies, please? We live in Pendik.
  2. Freedom 49

    3 Babies needing good homes and TLC.

    A litter of kittens that were born on the grounds of The Hanay Suit Hotel about 2 months ago have just been brought up to our office by their mother for some food. The hotel is closed now for the winter so, without the benefit of food from the holidaymakers or even the staff at The Hanay who are...
  3. bickern

    Cooking, cleaning and making babies.

    A new documentary on Gloriavale, a segregated Christian community in New Zealand examines what life is like for women in the cult-like community, which is cut off from the rest of the world. A group of about 500 people live near Haupiri on the west coast of the South Island. The sole purpose...
  4. J

    Babies High Chair

    Looking for a babies high chair I could hire for two weeks in June. Any help appreciated. Tthanks.
  5. juco

    For those that like babies. - The first 25 days of two giant panda cubs. WARNING: Cuteness inside!
  6. teosgirl

    Suckling ritual leaves 13 babies dead since 2000

    Controversial circumcision ritual led to infant's death from herpes, says death certificate - HealthPop - CBS News Two more babies stricken with HERPES after ritual oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City | Mail Online How is this even legal?! If a grown man suckled a new born baby's...
  7. B

    Labor & Delivery (Denizli)

    I am to give birth in May, Do you have any advice for what to bring to the hospital? I have 3 children all in US and the hospitals supplied EVERYTHING - diapers, blankets, baby shampoo, anything you could ask for - but I heard here you have to bring everything. Any suggestions? We will be at a...
  8. T

    Any Parents n Babies out there?!

    Hi all, We're still relatively new to Izmir and we're looking for things to do with our little girl (10 months). Does anybody know of any good parent-baby groups (preferably in English!) or meetings? Failing that, are there any parents out there looking to meet up for playdates, coffee, etc.? We...
  9. Neil_Denizli

    Syria, Babies, Iranian Nukes, yeah right ...

    Before you get upset about this: Syria's darkest secrets leaked online in world's first YouTube war | Mail Online Remember this: ?Kuwaiti baby incubator lies - YouTube
  10. L

    babies bottles

    Can anyone tell me which water to use for babies bottles. My 7 month old grandaughter arrives on Monday followed 2 weeks later by my 6 month old other grandaughter and have conflicting advice on the water. We have : bottled water, tap water or the new special baby bottled water at over 3ytl for...
  11. T

    mosquito protection for babies

    Hi, My daughter will be in Altinkum in September with a 5 month old baby. Could anyone tell me please - what protection against mozzies can she use for a child so young?She has an insect net,but can you use the citronella sprays etc?I`ve heard that avon skin so soft dry oil works - but can you...
  12. raven

    Which Washing Powder for Babies Clothes??

    Hi Hoping some of the Mums can help me out. Was wondering what washing powder the Mums in Turkey use to wash their babies clothes with? Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. B

    Any British Mum's with babies in Yalikavak area ???

    Hi All, I am coming to Yalikavak for three months between June and September with my 8 month old boy. I'll be living with my Turkish in laws in their villa close to Gumusluk, but my hubby will be overseas working. It will be great to meet up for play dates with any other Mum's in the area...
  14. tykatem

    Babies High Chair (PINK)

    Babies high chair in pink for sale. Only 5 weeks old and in A1 condition. Seat is height adjustable plus moveable tray. This was purchased just last month for our grand daughters stay. Price just 60TL. We live in Ovacik Pete
  15. arrian

    bodies of 8 newborn babies found

    Bodies of eight newborn babies found in French house - Telegraph
  16. B

    Advice neeed - What to bring for Babies

    We are coming to Turgutreis on 28th June for two weeks we have been 5 times in all but this time we are bringing my grandchildren to introduce them to Turgutreis. They are 3 and 8 months. Could someone please advise me and what it is best to bring from the UK for the baby ie food nappies milk...
  17. arrian

    Horrific story. fox attacks babies

    i can't even begin to imagine what these parents are going through, a real nightmare for them. Baby twins Isabella and Lola Koupparis seriously injured in 'fox attack' | Mail Online
  18. Mushtaq

    Making babies naturally may be a dying art

    Thirtysomethings could routinely conceive babies using IVF within a decade because it will have become better than sex as a means of reproduction, scientists have predicted. According to a new report, advances in IVF technology mean it will be possible to produce embryos with a success rate of...
  19. SuperBogs

    Bodies of 21 babies found

    By Chi-Chi Zhang, The Associated Press BEIJING - The bodies of 21 babies, believed dumped by hospitals, have washed ashore on a riverbank in eastern China, state media reported Tuesday. Video footage showed that the bodies - stashed in yellow plastic bags, at least one of which was marked...
  20. P

    bottled Water for Babies ?

    I didnt know that a lot of Bottled water is not suitable for Babies. ( Apparently there is a lot of sodium and calcium at levels which can harm babies,because their kidnies cant cope with them. Anyway my granddaughter ( 7 months ) is coming to Yalikavak with us in April. It would seem that...
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