1. S

    başlamak = to begin

    Başlamak means to start, to begin it is used for all kind of things, but not for a train, plane or whatever Some examples : Tatil ne zaman başlıyor ? Türkçe dersi saat kaçta başladı ? Türkçe dersi başlamadı (the lesson did not start) But it can also used when you want to say "I'm beginning...
  2. shirleyanntr

    today's word is başlamak

    başlamak means to start..or to's an A group undotted vowel word so not an eee sound in sight. if you listen carefully you might hear an irritated mother saying to a nagging child ''Başlama!!'' 'don't start!' that's the negative imperative /command. the imperative is başla!'..begin!'...
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