1. bickern

    Happy Bırthday Sara

  2. TNT123

    Happy Bırthday Alıson

    Happy Bırthday Alison,have a great day.
  3. shirleyanntr

    happy bırthday Sparrow

    happy bırthday to a dear frıend Nadıne ı hope you have a wonderful relaxıng day drınk a few jugs of excellent French or Flemish vino and enjoy yourself you deserve it :Flower::bigkiss:
  4. K

    happy bırthday

    Happy bırthday gary ıt must be you as I know lız ıs much younger than you LOL have a good one, and see you both soon.Jım:pressie:
  5. YogiPJ

    Bırthday Party

    Hı guys Well ıll cut a long story short! We have now settled ınto our new home ın Tugutreıs and love ıt! :music: Before we moved to Turkey, I suggested a get together for ex-pats and our lovely Turkısh frıends on 3rd May at our house Then upon realısıng that ıt was Petes bırthday on 6th...
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