1. teosgirl

    Sewage in the sea

    Sewage discharged in Aegean at touristic resort town of Ayval?k - GREEN Gezen also claimed the discharged sewage was dissolved “instantaneously” the moment it reached the sea because the discharge was 1.2 kilometers long and 35-meters deep. Phew, that's a relief. Charlotte
  2. A

    buses from Izmir to ayvalik

    anyone know what time the buses go to ayvalik from izmir and how much it is thanks
  3. A


    can anyone tell me if i can get a bus from altinkum to ayvalik and any recommendations where to stay in ayvalik and whats it like there thanking you
  4. ayvalik

    Help About the Tapu on house in Ayvalik

    Hi to all of you ....I need some Info about the tapu for the second house why is it so hard to get in Ayvalik when we all ready have one ....
  5. lilacdiana

    Do any of you know Ayvalik?

    I have been asked by a friend to find out what I can about the town of Ayvalik and wonderded if any of you have ever been there and could give me some info! Have done a bit of a search and looks nice but wonderded if there was any ex pats living there or is it a mainly Turkish resort? Di
  6. Icaru

    Need pet-friendly hotel near Ayvalik

    We are driving from Kalkan to Patras and need to find a place to stay for 1 night somewhere in the vicinity of Ayvalik. Have not been able to find anything open and that will accept small pets (2 dogs, each 5 kilos). Can anyone suggest a place? Thanks in advance.
  7. S

    Help needed - Where is the best place to buy furniture in Ayvalik or Izmir

    Hello out there.... Just purchased a house in Bademli, nr Dikili. Going out in the Easter break to furnish it. Been looking at the IKEA catalogue, but wondered what private or chain store alternative are available. :hmm:
  8. J


    Does anyone know anything about ayvalik , a little fishig village north of Izmir. Looks really nice but would like to hear from someone about what it is really like. How far is it from Izmir. etc.
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