1. S

    Ayhan Tavaci of Aymet Homes

    Ayhan is advertising on his website 'We are proud of our good reputation & customer service' Maybe Ayhan should rewrite this and say ' we are proud of lying to our customers for 5 years and then blackmailing them for £10,000 + or your apartment is gone. By the way Ayhan How did you rebuy...
  2. S

    Aymet Homes should readvertise 'we can make your nightmares come true'

    Hi everyone, I see Aymet homes have updated their website. They make me sick. They're advertising Yasemin apts all sold - they should readvertise and say Auctioned off due to Ayhans Debts. I pity anyone planning to buy off him and his family. How dare he say he has no money. Where did he...
  3. Yogi

    Aymet Homes complexes

    This is a thread to discuss the current situation regarding all the Aymethomes developments. I believe these are Sultan Way Apartments, Sevim Apartments, Yasemin Apartments and Deniz Court, all of which are in Altinkum. Also Troy Villas and the M.Pyramids resort in Akbuk (Apologies if I have...
  4. M

    Aymet Homes Website - why hasn't been updated

    Just had a look at the website, can't believe it is so out of date:confused:. Not sure if there are any properties left to sell, but assume that as Aymet Homes were exibiting at "A Place in the Sun" exhibition at the end of March, you would have thought the website would have been updated for...
  5. T

    Aymet Homes

    Hi, Has anyone bought a property from Aymet Homes in Altinkum? We think they seem really good and are considering their properties but just wondering if anyone has any more info? Thanks x
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