1. Tenpin

    News There are only 11 left in the world

    https://www.mynet.com/dunyada-sadece-11-tane-kaldi-sadece-kusadasi-nda-yetisen-aydin-olmez-cicegi-korunmayi-bekliyor-110106846457 Translation: There are only 11 left in the world! 'Aydın Ölmez Çiçeği', which grows only in Kuşadası, is waiting to be protected The President of the Ecosystem...
  2. M

    Aydin to Altinkum Boulevard.

    I'm traveling to Aydin Sunday 15th October, arriving 1.30pm, does anyone know the number and time of buses to Altinkum Boulevard. Thanks
  3. T

    Swimming pool contractor Aydin area

    Hi, I'm from Denmark but living in Aydin centrum. Playing with the idea of an indoor swimmingpool. Does anyone know of any professional contractors in the area? Not just any builder, someone that knows what there is to know about swimmingpools :-)
  4. M

    Atakan Aydin

    Does anyone know the email address for Atakan Aydin at the Turk Economy Bank? I believe he moved there from Akbank, both branches in Ataturk Boulevard. Thanks. Maisie
  5. Ian2006

    Didim to Aydin or Bodrum

    Hi - I will be in Didim for a few days next month arriving from Bodrum and will then want to get back home to Fethiye. I believe there are 2 ways: Didim to Bodrum - then direct bus to Fethiye Didim to Aydin - then fast bus (Pamukkale etc) to Fethiye Does anyone know which is the most frequent...
  6. scotssteve

    House sales drop - But not in Aydin Province!

    ECONOMICS - Housing sales in Turkey drop 19 pct in first quarter of 2012 Against a backdrop of an overall 19% decline nationally in the first quarter of 2012 - this report highlights areas where there continues to be suubstantial growth. Aydin recorded a growth in sales vs the same period last...
  7. B

    Soke Kipa

    For all you shoppers (me not being one but the wife is) the shops around the the new Kipa in Aydin are open!! well about 75% of them, and it is very impressive I must say, If Didim does get its kipa lets hope a good shopping centre goes with it.
  8. P

    SGK office in Aydin

    Can some one give me the address please, and what we need to take?
  9. Tommie

    Bus from Aydin to Bodrum

    Can I get a bus from Aydin to Bodrum, if so how long does it take and how frequent are they? I plan to go after midday.
  10. S

    Do you want to share a car for Aydin

    We are going to Aydin this Thursday, a friend is taking us for RP. There will be room for two more people to share cost and return next week to collect. Please PM me if interested.
  11. culturevulture

    SGK social insurance Aydin

    Does anyone have the email address for the above please. I am trying to find out if the delay on the completion of Phase 2 of our complex, is due to builder not paying his workers contributions. Mary.
  12. A

    Boran Aydin - great lawyer

    I had a query about labour laws and work permits to which I couldn't get an answer. I'd phoned or e-mailed more than 50 Turkish and British Government departments, newspapers, ministers, helplines, web forums, every where ı could think of but no-one could help me. Eventually I contacted Boran...
  13. maggie

    Res permit trip for Aydin province .

    Route Planner - the best route, maps and traffic info from TomTom My trip as going in this weeks Voices. Hope It will help . Hugs Maggie xx Attached Files Getting your first residency permit.doc (3.5 KB, 45 views)
  14. A

    Aydin villas

    Anybody from Aydin Villas please write your posts.
  15. A

    ARM Aydin villas water bill

    The A.R.M complex Aydın villas have received letters from Akbuk council today That they have an outstanding water bill of 291,123 Turkish liras to date 21.06.2010 for the 26 villas on site The council have given the owners 7 days notice to pay the 291,123 Liras Or they will cut the water off...
  16. aussie

    Emre Aydin Concert 30/10 Izmir

    Hello, Is anyone an Emre Aydin Fan? I am headed from Bodrum to Izmir for his concert on October 30th and would like to go together with someone else if anyone is interested. Kind Regards, Aussie in Bodrum
  17. D

    Getting to the police station Aydin

    Hi everyone,we have to go to the big police station in Aydin next week to do our residency.We will be going by dolmus from Didim.Has anyone out there done this,is the police station on the dolmus route?If there is anyone who has done this run by dolmus? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  18. labman

    Is Akbuk in Mugla or Aydin?

    Hi all, Having looked a google maps and a few others, I can see various district boarder lines so I was just wondering if after buying my villa, was I in Mugla or Aydin
  19. Firebrand

    Aydin apartments - anyone else?

    Hi apparently this is the name of our apartment complex. In the time that it has been being built a whole supermarket has sprung up next door (I think it is called Şevikoğlu). And no our apartment still isn't finished.:dizzy: Has anyone else here bought into that complex? Do any of you that...
  20. labman

    Aydin Villas, Akbuk

    Hi all, Just want to see if there's anyone on the forum who own's a property on the Aydin Villas site which is just up from the habour and Akbuk Village center. There's lots of communication between owners on other sites so just thought I'd ask as we don't have one of our own, mayby we're not...
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