1. R

    Help and advice needed, buying property in Avsallar

    Hi guys I'm new to this forum and have been reading quite a bit on here since our recent decision to buy a property in Avsallar. We are from Maidenhead and have been to Turkey a couple of times on holiday. Recently we found an apartment that we really liked and decided to go for it. We have...
  2. R

    Avsallar Apt For Sale

    Spacious 2 double bedroom ground floor apt for sale( approx 115 sq mtrs) in excellent condition. Close to all amenities and only 5 mins walk to excellent sandy beach and 10 mins walk to town centre. Supermarket and other shops close by. Apt situated Just off main bus route to Alanya or...
  3. A

    Avsallar courses

    Question: are there any cources for children in Avsallar? like drawing/painting, sport, etc. Anybody knows??? I doubt so, but maybe, one family moved there and they are looking for fretime cources for their child.
  4. C

    Grocery stores in Avsallar

    Hi, Just wondering if there´s any big and cheap grocery stores in Avsallar, like KIPA in Alanya?
  5. J

    SGK Office in Alanya or Avsallar

    My wife and I are completing our first year as RV holders and are considering taking out SGK insurance which, at 217 Tl per month, appears a much better deal than that offered in the UK for the OAP UK expats that we are. That said what we don't know is the location of the SGK Office where we...
  6. V

    Seeking room to rent in avsallar area

    A friend of mine is desperately looking for a room to rent to house rescued cats that have been adopted overseas but need to safely complete the mandatory time period before they can leave the country to go to their new homes - and are at risk of poisoning, abuse etc if left unhoused. She is...
  7. L

    Volunteers/room or shed to rent sought for animal welfare project in Avsallar

    A friend of mine is desperately looking for volunteer/s and a room/shed to rent to house rescued cats that have been adopted but need to safely complete the mandatory time period before they can leave the country to go to their new homes - and are at risk of poisoning, abuse etc if left...
  8. J

    Avsallar to antalya

    Thinking of visiting Antalya for the day traveling from Avsallar as we have never been further than the airport, is it quite easy to get onto the city and park and any recommendations for things to see and do, I have heard they have dome good shopping malls. Jane
  9. animalmad34

    Domino - border Collie - AVSALLAR - ALANYA, TURKEY

    Domino the Border Collie... This Handsome Boy is living on the Streets..We think has previously been owned and now dumped..Very sweet in nature, just a soft teddy bear,, 15 dogs have come into the area from the mountains and have attacked him and some of the cats through being so hungry...
  10. J


    Hi everyone in Turkey - you lucky things!!! We are thinking of buying a property in Avsallar - I have read a couple of comments about the area which sound impressive - what are the likely costs of a Villa (semi or detached, preferably a sea view). Are there any plans for lots of new builds in...
  11. J

    habitation certificate - Avsallar

    We have all the relevant documents tapu, hab cert, but have not been over to Turkey as yet this year, (not sure if we will be able to at all this year due to ill health). Will we still be fined as we have not been and changed the tapu to the one with the tick in the right box, or will their...
  12. M

    Tennis in Avsallar

    Hi everyone, does anyone know if there is a tennis court in Avsallar that is open for general use and how much it might cost. We live in West Yorkshire and have had an apartment in the town for three years. It would be good to hear from anyone else with property there. Thanks in advance
  13. shirleyanntr

    hi Margaret Avsallar

    Margaret tried to pm you but your box is chocker block...have a clear out.
  14. J

    ATM Avsallar

    Hello all Does anyone know if there is a ATM in Avsallar anywhere as I have been thinking of opening a Nationwide account (dont charge for drawing money out abroad) and using that instead of taking large amounts money with us, for obvious reasons. If not I dont think it would be worth it as I...
  15. J

    2 Bed apartment - Alanya (Avsallar)

    Hi all, we have a 2 bed apartment (sleeps 6) for rent in Avsallar (Alanya), 110Sqm, 2 balconies, large communal pool, 250 metres to blue flag beach, shops, bars, restaurants 2 minutes walk. April, May June £100 p/w, July, Aug, £120 p/w, Sep, Oct £100 p/w. Please PM me for more details. Cheers Jez
  16. loopylynda

    Bars in Avsallar?

    Does anyone know of any bars or clubs in Avsallar or Turkler? .....or do we need to go into Alanya for these?
  17. P

    Anyone know anything about Avsallar?

    Hi. I recently come back from a week in Alanya, we liked it very much - so much so that we spent a morning looking at property with an agent. After seeing a couple of places that didnt really appeal to us we were taken to see a lovely new built complex in Avsallar. We had a quick look around...
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