1. arrian

    Avoiding credit card charges

    i thought i'd show this article for all the travellers, but i don't know if it would still be covered for losses the same as by using a credit card! Airline card charges: how to avoid them - Telegraph
  2. bobthenob

    Avoiding a property nightmare

    I do find it very frustrating at time when l cannot help those losing their properties or others are persuading other buyers not to listen to outsiders that only wants to guide them to avoid the woes later on.But to the one’s that wants to manipulate the gullible mind is only in their favour and...
  3. P

    Avoiding premium rate numbers.

    A few years ago someone published a list of phone numbers to avoid calling premium rate,0870,0871 & 0845 numbers.Can anyone remember it.
  4. bobthenob

    Avoiding corrupt minds

    With all the rip offs going on in the tourists area’s.lt is best to play at their own game,if they can’t see the sense in building up a good reputation,then they must face the consequences. Never give them the benefit of the doubt,because this only encourages them to continue manipulating the...
  5. Andy

    Avoiding Flatulence

    :moonie:Flatulence can be an unwanted side effect of laxatives taken for constipation, antibiotics, certain medications, or from misuse of opiate based medicines like pethidine and morphine. Above all, the most common cause for flatulence is swallowing air. This is because each time we...
  6. bobthenob

    Avoiding Fraudulant Emlaks

    I have read an article in the voice paper about the fraud within the property industry is thriving and what the solutions are.lt is a mixture of my views and what is printed by the voice. The estate agents that swindle the foreigners through corrupt means have also tarnished the decent well...
  7. Gill

    avoiding mosquitoes?

    We are on a week long property buying visit Oct 23 to 30, and visiting both the Akbuk/Yesilkent area and Yalikavak/Gundogan/Gumusluk area. Which is best for avoiding mosquitoes? Which is best for retiring to and living permanently? We have travelled widely in Turkey in the last few years and...
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