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    How to avoid a property scam in Turkey

    How to avoid a property scam in Turkey 1 - We highly recommend to deal with the reputable and trustfull estate agents and lawyers. 2 - We do reccomend to all foreign buyers, they should always have a proper investigation of their purchase carried out. 3 - Find a good estate agent and a...
  2. A

    How to avoid a property scam in Turkey

    Google ‘Turkish property scams’ and you’ll find a frightening number of stories involving people who have been ripped off on Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. But if you delve a little deeper, you’ll see that the scams could have been avoided if a few simple steps had been adhered to. If...
  3. N

    Save yourself the heartache and avoid the Cigdem Family

    In 2006, together with many others from the UK I purchased an off plan villa in Kusadasi, Turkey from a gentleman by the name of Ken Cigdem from Rugby. This was going to be our dream home, the place where we would retire and spend the rest of our remining years there. All my dealings were made...
  4. juco

    HSBC caught out helping to avoid tax

    I see HSBC have been caught out again. When are these banking crooks ever going to be brought to justice. BBC News - HSBC bank 'helped clients dodge millions in tax'
  5. NigelandElaine

    evisa Turkey scam (avoid evisa.eu.com)

    Ladies and gents, I have just been conned by a firm that looks like the real Turkey visa website, it appears right on the top of the search engine. They have charged me £55 on my credit card, please be careful!!!!!!!!
  6. C

    Avoid Istanbul Club

    Hi all, I don't normally do this, but I had to share the horrendous experience I had at Istanbul Club by the Harbour. I went out on Friday with a few friends and it was my first time clubbing in Alanya. When we went to Istanbul Club, my friends ordered Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. The bartender...
  7. Mushtaq

    www.simplyelectronics.net lying cheats - AVOID

    At the begging of last month I was looking for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, so after doing the usual research I Googled for the best prices. A company that was always coming up as cheaper was Simpley Electronics, their site looked all aboveboard, had 0844 number and all prices were in £...
  8. northpole

    Avoid The Scams

    Many visiters entering Turkey must be aware of certian behaviour that looks out of the ordinary.Turkey is a place to enjoy if one knows what to look out for not to get in a worrying situation that can ruin more then one's holiday. Here is a link to the many scams in Turkey .Travel Safely Around...
  9. Y

    Avoid Dolphin Pension Bozburun & can anyone recommend an alternative?

    This time last year I was looking forward to a much needed holiday. Back in February I had booked a room for a week at the Dolphin Pansiyon, Bozburun on the Marmaris Peninsula. They had asked for 2 nights payment as a deposit. I'd transferred the money and they had confirmed they had received...
  10. pineapple1

    Migrain? Avoid these foods !

    Just been reading this on the news .... Looks like a new diet for me next week ... Diane 27 Foods That Can trigger Migraines - Migraine
  11. P

    Avoid fake goods when shopping on line

    One of the problems with Internet shopping is knowing the real from the fake. You may well have seen designer goods on online auction sites at bargain prices, but are they the real deal or cheap rip-offs? Some of the fake things for sale online are almost beyond belief – I reported some time ago...
  12. perfect1949

    how many of us walk a different way to avoid a restaurant

    whilst summer is here , and all the restaurant,s are up and running and touting for business . how many of us walk a different way , so you dont get asked why are you not eating in my restaurant , i do . dave
  13. ceemac

    Mediterranean seal Badem chooses to avoid tourist season

    Badem, probably the most famous Mediterranean Monk Seal, is back in Turkey after taking herself on a tour of the Greek island of Rhodes during the winter months. Here C
  14. ceemac

    Roads To Avoid Around Bodrum On Monday

    A pre-summer flurry of road works in the Bodrum area will slow drivers to a halt when the lanes are closed off for the 46th President’s Cycling Tour of Turkey Monday. Here C
  15. ceemac

    Top 10 Internet Passwords To Avoid

    The ten most commonly used passwords on the web have been revealed as part of an analysis of tens of millions of internet accounts. Here C
  16. bickern

    father 'threw girl, 4, off cliff to avoid 1,000-a-month child support to his British

    A father who had no interest in his four-year-old daughter hurled her off a 120ft cliff to avoid paying child support, a prosecutor told a court yesterday. Cameron Brown, 47, is accused of killing Lauren Sarene Key after splitting from his British-born girlfriend. Deputy District Attorney...
  17. I

    avoid the credit crunch.lovely 2 bed apt..

    I have a 2 bed apt available for rent in Altinkum fully furnished, just behind the large Migros. In large complex, apollo village, large pool, lovely gardens. As the credit crunch is affecting a lot of us i have reduced the price for this season so no excuss for not having a few extra beers...
  18. immac

    Traps To Avoid

    From MSN MONEY: Traps to avoid when buying abroad by Gaynor Pengelly, Moneyextra.com February 09 2007 At this time of year, with grey skies and frosty nights, Britons can be forgiven for dreaming of a move to more exotic climes. In fact, we are now flocking to the sunshine in droves, thanks...
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