1. Kingfisher

    Aviva Health Insurance

    For those who do not have SGK and might be interested - Akbank is offering a "Ferdi kaza" accident insurance covering all accidents in and out of the home, ambulance and all consequent medical treatment for 48TL per year. They also offer a serious illness health insurance specifically covering...
  2. Mag

    New Aviva Stadium Dublin.

    Went to see Manchester United play the first soccer match last night in the new Aviva Stadium Dublin. They played the "Airtricity 11" who were made up of a mix of League of Ireland players...7 -1 to United, who had all their big stars there on the night. Fantastic new stadium which will be...
  3. Tess

    AVIVA Insurance in Altinkum

    May I ask has anyone ever used Aviva Insurance in Altinkum to insure their property ??? Many thanks :humble: Apologies to Mods if this has been covered, I did do a search and found Aviva Ins but not the answer to my question, my searches not my forte:kafa:
  4. rosewall1

    Changes at Aviva (Norwich Union)

    Just had a letter from Aviva offering to make payment of my English pension into my Turkish bank in the local currency. This will cost me £2.74 per month and whatever the exchange rate is at that moment in time. At the moment the pension is paid into my First Direct account (no charge) I...
  5. Susan

    Aviva Insurance Fethiye

    Can anyone give me the contact details Telephone and Fax nunbers of Aviva Insurance Fethiye. I have their email address, but not getting any reply from them and my insurance is due any time now to be renewed. Susan
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