1. Jaycey

    Avatars & User Names

    I’m always curious about the use of avatars and user names on the forum. Are they how we see ourselves or how we’d like others to see us perhaps? Is Perfect really perfect? Is Shirley really a little devil? (Perhaps, judging by some of her surprisingly unladylike posts!) And Sunny Seasider...
  2. Sha Hoorsur

    Cat Avatars

    I have recently changed my avatar to a picture of my cat (Ted). I have noticed that quite a few other forum users use pictures of their various felines for their avatars. However, I have also come to the conclusion that my cat Ted, is by a long way, far more handsome than any of the other, well...
  3. arrian

    Animated Avatars

    i've seen that several members have animated avatars, but when i've tried to do one for myself, a christmas one that i've saved to my pictures, i get the message that i cannot have animated avatars! how is it done, please?????
  4. zuberdust


    hello! :D any other forum im a part off , the users always have thier photo in the avatar, n this was the first place i came where only like few people have thier pics up.... what is the reason for this? for me, i have it up so people know what i look like and the conversation feels more real...
  5. SonnyJim


    SHOCKING!!! KKOB that is one scarey new avatar you have there!!!!! Which is your fave? Just noticed it is not so new, but scarey anyway - will be having nightmares tonight! Also noticed have put this in totally the wrong place! Can you cancel a thread?
  6. zuberdust


    hi, just wondering how some people dont have thier picture up as an avatar? is a friendly enough site where no one will steal pics etc... so why not? just curious... x x x :PakistanF
  7. Mushtaq

    Customs Avatars now enabled

    Please note, I have now enabled the facility for members to upload their own avatars, this can be found in your control panel. Please keep the avatar size below 100x100 px :juggle:
  8. Mushtaq

    Added more avatars

    I have added few more avatars, so please go to your control panel (User CP) above or use this link http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/usercp.php? to change your avatar. I still need to move individual avatars over from the old forum.
  9. Mushtaq

    Loads of Avatars added

    I have added lots of Avatars for members to choose from, please go to your profile and select an appropriate image. If you want your own picture (preferred option) please send it to me, see my email address in my profile.
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