1. C

    Low Fat Fryer: availability in Bodrum area

    Does anyone know if Low Fat Fryers are available to purchase locally and if so at what cost. We were contemplating bringing one out from the UK but if they are readily available at the right price in Turkey then this would be preferable. The one that we are using at the moment is the Breville...
  2. C

    Special offer -Turunc apartment - Late availability

    If you are looking for a last minute chill out, due to unforeseen circumstances we have some availability for the next 5 weeks. We have reduced the price for this period to £195 per week. We also have one week left in August, and availability in October. It is a delightful 2 bedroom...
  3. M

    availability of certain plants/bringing them in?

    Hi Folks, Looking for some advice/info..Due to relocate to Istanbul in late June to a flat with garden and keen to plant anything 'anti mosquito' i can find.After looking online seems that the following might be worth planting but I wonder if they are all available in Turkey? Can anyone advise...
  4. S

    Availability of Prescription drugs

    We are moving out to Ovacik in June. My husband is currently taking tablets for blood pressure and I am taking the mini pill, Micronor(350mcg norethisterone). I have looked on the various links to lists of drugs available in Turkey but have been unable to trace the drugs we need. Can anyone help...
  5. W

    Availability of Gaviscon

    Hi all, I'm due to fly out for 3 weeks hols later this week and unfortunately due to health problems I need to be able to buy some Gaviscon liquid. Can anyone tell me if this is available in Altinkum? Is it cheaper or more expensive than in UK? Thanks for any advice
  6. C

    2 bed apartment to rent with large shared pool Turunc Late Availability

    Delightful 2 bedroom air-conditioned ground floor apartment, in small complex of 16 apartments, rural setting, surrounded by mountains, yet less than 10 mins walk to village with many bars and restaurants, and beach. Large swimming pool just feet from the door, balcony overlooking farmland and...
  7. Alexander

    3G availability in Bodrum area

    Hi All. I am moving to Bodrum (Tuzla) in March, but my phone landline will not be commissioned before (hopefully) June. Being a freelancer, my personal income depends on the availability of a reliable broadband Internet connection, so I am considering a 3G dongle as a temporary solution. But: 1)...
  8. S

    Availability of Soya Products etc

    Hello everyone. I'm maybe coming for a holiday in September and would like some advice. My 2 year old is allergic to milk and other things. I need to know whether your supermarkets stock any soya products. The best one for him is Alpro Soya Milk and Yoghurts. If someone could let me know that'd...
  9. J

    Phone Availability

    Our house is on a 5 house complex, 4 owned by Brits and 1 by Turks. We all get on pretty well so we decided to fit a wireless network for us all to use the internet. I'm hoping that Skype and broadband access will mean longer stays of up to a month in the near future. Network works great but...
  10. KKOB

    Fish - Translations and Availability

    Part of an article on the MyMerhaba website Following are the list of fish still available and the season when they are the most delicious. Barbunya (red mullet), from April to July Çinekop (young of blue fish) after October Çipura (gilt-head bream), all throughout the year. The most famous...
  11. T

    Medication availability

    Hello all! This is my first post, and I'm THRILLED to find this resource! My husband and I are moving to Ankara (from Canada) in August; I'm taking up a two year contract at Bilkent University, and he'll probably try to find a part-time ESL job somewhere. We're really excited about this...
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