1. C

    Automatic appointments

    The system is not letting us choose an appointment time anymore. What's the rough waiting time until the appointment? I still need to get insurance in the post and rental agreement notarized, and I need to complete the application before Tuesday when my visa runs out. I'm hoping I don't get...
  2. bickern

    First Automatic Patch for Macs

    Apple on Monday used an automatic security update mechanism for the first time to deploy a fix for a critical vulnerability in NTP, or Network Time Protocol, that was uncovered by a Google engineer. The update for OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite will be automatically downloaded to...
  3. shirleyanntr

    automatic egg boiler

    following on from the egg thread..and followşng İans suggestion to get an egg boiler...i did i bought one in Kipa yesterday for 25 tl..down from 45tl its a Sinbo.. but im a bit unsure about the instructions since its a scientific thing. it has a little plastic thing which has marks on it to...
  4. S

    Automatic Car Hire Altinkum

    Could anyone tell me where I can hire an automatic car in Altinkum at the beginning of May please? Also will they take the car to the airport. Thanks Scotty
  5. G

    Setup an automatic payment from abroad

    earlier thread:Contact Info to Alanya Municipality wanted Thanks to the kindness of strangers I have been able to view my tax bill for 2008. In addition to the bill, I have to pay 25% in late fees. I want to setup an automatic payment between my danish bank and the turkish tax department if...
  6. ted j

    Microsoft to start automatic updates

    They want to start giving you automatic updates from January Be very wary of this and if in any doubt, do like I do and have them just notify you of updates, ( 9 times out of 10 , they aren't necessary) The downside is, if you don't stop them like this, they will "upgrade" your system, to the...
  7. L

    Mercedes S320 automatic FOR SALE

    2 owners from new. full service history. new 2 year mot petrol model leather upholstery, radio c/d, many extras. 4 door 113,000 KMS 55,000 TL o.v.n.o Car can be viewed and tested in Fethiye 0531 966 9270 also listed at - Satılık, Kiralık, 2.El, Emlak, Oto, Araba...
  8. S

    Automatic water payments

    We have just received an email from Garanti bank who we use in Turkey to automatically pay our water and electric bills etc, and have been told that as from the 1st January the automatic payment to the water sevice are all being cancelled and that we have got to make other arrangements has any...
  9. Summertime

    Electric bills automatic payed

    Hi Does anybody know, why I dont get any electric bills any more, it is just drawn automatic from my account, but there is no sign of the bills, as I would like to have and see the bills. Where and how can I see or find them. I know the amount after it has been drawn from the account, but thats...
  10. Glen

    Automatic Car Rental

    Can anyone recommend a car rental company in the main Altinkum area that rents out automatics? For health reasons we need to hire an auto with a high seat height (similar to a Diablo). Or even a jeep. Cost swould be helpful too. We are coming over in a couple of weeks.I have searched rentals but...
  11. hisa4us

    Automatic floating pool cleaning system??

    Hi all can anyone help me please. We have just bought a villa with a private pool and as other owners will know its not cheap maintaining them using and paying companies to do so for you while the seaon lasts. About 12 months ago i saw a device like a flying saucer shape floating device on a...
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