1. U

    auto start up

    We have two laptops both Toshiba's and usually hibernated at night. When I start mine up in the morning after about 20 mins. the other one starts up by itself. Comments please!
  2. R

    Repair and Auto paint shops in Izmir?

    Need to some small repairs to my in laws car. Also they would like to get the paint touched up or repainted. Its a Tofas so is not an expensive car but it is sentimental to them. Prefer places near Balcova. Thanks.
  3. B

    Auto electrics

    Hi all, does anybody know of a good auto electrician? I have a load of new dials sent over from the states and had them fitted by my normal guy but they are not working correctly, have spoke to a couple of more electrical lads and they cannot do them either!! so at the moment I am at a bit of a...
  4. P

    Auto venting our Apartment over winter

    One of the jobs I did this Holiday was to instal an automatic ventilation system in our apartment. Basically it is 2 inlet vents ( One in each bedroom) and an outlet axial fan in the open pan lounge/kitchen. The whole thing is controlled by a digital timer which switches it on for 10 minutes on...
  5. MiddleEarth

    Auto and Scooter driving enforcement

    I received this today. The person who wrote the letter lives in Kaş but he says this is starting to be enforced country-wide. The local authorities used to "look the other way" especially for tourists. Perhaps no more? It would seem the authorities are finding ways of making our life a little...
  6. Lez Zetli

    Auto Conversion of Blue Book to Long Term?

    Has anyone else been told that their blue book is now "Long Term"? I renewed my Residence Permit blue book for a five year term last year. Recently I had to show it at the Police Foreigners' department in Izmir for some other business. After going away and doing some checks, they handed it back...
  7. B

    nissan navara td 2007 auto cutting out

    Hi guys,I was wondering if any one knows of a solution to this problem. Nissan.dealers recommended that gear box faulty,after changing that,still same problem.No faults comming up on diagnostic machain.The vehicle runs smoothly, only problems occurs,when starting vehicle,and as soon as you...
  8. bob75

    Auto Spares in Bodrum?

    Hi all, Just a quick query, hope someone can help!! Is there an equivalent to Halfords in or around Bodrum? Ideally somewhere you can buy replacement wing mirrors for a Fiat :noidea: Pauline (irishmatelot) got out there on Monday and her hire car has somehow had a mishap, oh dear!! Apparently...
  9. immac

    4X4 Diesel Auto Wanted

    In about a month I will be after a 4X4, automatic, diesel, pick-up style. Any colour except black. Up to 2 years old, but not much more. Full spec preferred. Must be in VGood condition with service history. Cash buyer. Navara, Ranger or similar. Ian
  10. D

    Turkish Auto Loans

    Would be very pleased to hear from anyone that has applied for or received a loan to purchase a car?
  11. no-nem

    Auto spout

    Just catching up on the company webmail, I came across a mail from auto-spout. This really useful little gadget fits to your tap, and has a censor on it that as soon as you remove your hands or whatever it is from a running tap it automatically stops the water you wash your hands...
  12. cnapes

    auto trader?

    Hi does anybody know if they have an autotrader of somesort or know anybody who sells speadboats or jetskis? (second hand of course)
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