1. Tenpin

    Clive James Australian broadcaster and author dies aged 80 Clive James, the Australian writer and broadcaster known around the world for his dry wit, has died at the age of 80. Diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010, the author and critic had movingly written about his terminal illness during the...
  2. T

    Turkey loses legendary author Yaşar Kemal

    Turkey loses legendary author Yaşar Kemal Turkey loses legendary author Ya?ar Kemal - LOCAL One of modern Turkey’s most celebrated literary figures, Yaşar Kemal, who had been hospitalized since Jan. 14 following respiratory problems, lung infection and heart arrhythmia, died at a hospital in...
  3. bickern

    Author Tom Clancy - RIP

    Tom Clancy an extraordinary and popular author has died at a young age of only 66. Tom Clancy, born April 12 1947, died October 2013 RIP Tom and condolences to family.
  4. G

    Crime fiction novel author reads from his book

    Who: George Ellington, US author and professor of English and Anthropology at Salt Lake City Community College reads and signs his newest crime fiction novel on an informal evening at lovely Gümüş Bahçe, a cultural center for the arts, literature and social gatherings of the open minded. When...
  5. ceemac

    Turkish Author Book Of The Month In London

    Nobel Laureate Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk's latest book "The Museum of Innocence" was chosen as the book of the month by leading British bookseller Waterstone's. Here C
  6. C

    Meet the author in Bodrum on Sunday

    Here is a nice chance to meet an author Ayşe Kulin, who has some good books translated from Turkish into English. I have read and enjoyed two - both give a fictional view of true events in recent Turkish history. Now the new book is out- Farewell... The books are on sale too! Ayþe Kulin to sign...
  7. merlin

    Turkey Charges Acclaimed Author....

    An acclaimed Turkish novelist, Orhan Pamuk, has been charged with the "public denigrating of Turkish identity" and faces a possible prison sentence of three years, his publisher said Wednesday. The charge stems from an interview that Pamuk gave to a Swiss newspaper in February in which he...
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