1. L

    authentic balti curries in marmaris.

    If you are looking for a really good balti curry (Ali, the chef is from Birmingham), try the Taste of India. The chicken tikka starter is delicious as are all the dishes on offer. Due to politics they can not show the Taste of India sign . It is located below the GMS Motel, which is just up...
  2. shirleyanntr

    great Turkish food blog/ Authentic Turkish cooking

    this is one of the best blogs ive read about Turkish food. its written by a young Turkish girl who believes in sharing authentic recipes as well as some other great info about life in Turkey..she lives in Eskişehir and wants to share food info the pictures are lovely too Give Recipe
  3. M

    Authentic turkish cuisine.

    We are staying in turgetries in July for two weeks, been to Turkey before. First time in Turgetries. Can anyone recommend any traditional turkish restaurants that cater for the locals and not the tourists. We are prepared to go off the beaten track. We enjoy eating local cuisine.
  4. S

    Renault Clio Authentic 1.4 for sale

    Friends of mine are selling their car which is 2007 model Renault Clio, silver colour, 1.4 litre engine, drivers air bag, remote central locking, air conditioner, CD Player, 4 doors. Was bought in April 2007. If you would buy a new one it would cost 24.000 TL. The asking price is 15.000 TL...
  5. Mag

    Authentic Turkish Nights

    Where is the best place to go to a traditional Turkish night on the Bodrum Penninsula?
  6. B

    Balti House Authentic Indian Cuisine

    Hı there ın 1999 that was my fırst tıme 2 Turkey in ALTINKUM.Everythıng was fantastıc.I really enjoyed my holıday.The thıng was make my holıday be great been 2 Balti House authentic ındian cuısıne rest. and met 2 BILLY.Couse he looked us very well and be so frıendly 2 us and also served us...
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