1. I


    Hello I collect military from the Ottoman period. Do you know any auctions were I can buy military like swords, helmets etc? Or do you know any military dealers wich have sites? Thanks Max
  2. keny


    I am wondering with the massive amount of property for sale in altinkum would anyone consider auctioning their property?Our firends are considering buying.Have any auction taken place recently?Does the local law allow actions?I note there are auctions in other parts of turkey
  3. keny

    mugla car auctions

    hello all, I am looking to buy a second-hand car in a few weeks time.A posting on the site said there were goverment auctions of seized cars, customs pound etc where part/ex cars were taken.I have had my car in the izmir pound a number of times when we drove over to turkey, and I...
  4. C

    Turkish Property auctions

    A friend of mine is having marital problems and is being forced to sell his propertyby auction. Does anyone know how this works in Turkey I have had lots of conflicting and misleading advice. I amlead to believe that if it doesn't sell at the the valuation price it is re-auctioned with the price...
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