1. N

    Property auction.

    Does anyone know how I can find out where my house is being auctioned? The house is in Gokova.
  2. N

    Buying property at Auction?

    Does anyone have any experience buying or selling a house at auction? I'm looking for a semi derelict place to renovate and this seems the best way to buy. But their system seems quite strange and confusing. First of all they all seem to require a membership fee, usually around 30-50tl per...
  3. P

    Charity Auction June 6th

    We are having a charity auction again on June 6th starts 7pm at Erol's wine house in Didim, please bring your things between 10am and 4pm, you get 90% if sold the other 10% goes to Helping hands charity, which is sponsored by Didim council.
  4. Modgirl

    Property Auction

    Can anyone tell me anything about these Auctions....were and when they are held...we have been told that some of the properies on Blue City are coming up for auction. :21:
  5. P

    Charity Auction May first

    Auction Night this next Tuesday May first starts 7pm, bring you stuff during the day 10% of sale prices will be donated to Helping Hands Charity
  6. Gill

    Auction on party Night =10 Dec

    On Saturday 10 December 7pm at the Party Night at Our Secret Garden we will be holding an auction.. Food and live Music -just a handful of tickets left at 20TL each Auction items include:= Ozel Hospital - General Check Up Free Voucher =worth up to 500TL for a woman or 400 TL for a man...
  7. D

    details of auction sites for properties

    i saw on another thread someone say they bo─▒ught property via auctions and was wondering if anyone has details of sites my turkish wife can peruse.
  8. M

    Auction Properties in Turkey

    As I understand it, a property purchased at auction is debt free. Can anyone explain how this happens? On the assumption that a property is being auctioned by a creditor to recoup his loss, the buyer seems to acquire the property without any other outstanding debts, i.e. electric, water, etc...
  9. ZiaCa'

    Promise Auction for Children's Charity- 1st June

    The Calis Children's Charity is organising an auction on 1st June on the Calis Seafront (around the Denis the Menace/Bostans area). Viewing between 6pm and 7pm. Auction at 7pm 1TL to register. Items auctioned range from a bar of Cadbury's to luxury Spa breaks....all depends on what local...
  10. janine&soner

    Auction Night Citrus Bar

    Hi All, Just to let you know we have an auction night at the Citrus bar on the 3rd May starting at 7pm. So far we have: Rowland Piano with full sized keyboard Full set of golf clubs 2 x Calor Gas/Electric heaters PS2 plus 5 games Glass and steel cooker hood Bosch free standing cooker never been...
  11. arrian

    'Dead' corrie cat auction!

    how sick is this!!! Corrie cat's ashes up for sale | TV News Extra Blog - Yahoo! TV UK
  12. B

    Tread mill for auction

    Hi all you healthy people, we have had a tread mill donated by Julia in Gumusluk to sell at our Christmas fayre on Sunday. It is 1 year old and cost 1800 lira new. It is in excellent condition and a super quality machine with an incline facility for uphill walking. We are thinking we can auction...
  13. SuperBogs

    Tlf auction fund raiser

    I have been giving this some thought for several days and passed it by Mushtaq and he gave me the thumbs up to go ahead with it. I was trying to come up with an idea that would make it easier for us to help others in need. We have fund raisers where people donate and that's wonderful but I was...
  14. K

    Auction in aid of Turgutries chidren's centre

    If anyone has anythng they would like to donate to our auction on 23rd April pease could they drop it in to the restaurant. Tickets are also available for the charity dinner if anyone is interested please let me know....we raised over 1600 lira last year for the children so please help us beat...
  15. K

    Charity Dinner & Fun Auction

    A charity dinner followed by a fun auction will be held on the 23rd September at Our Sectret Garden Restaurant in Yalikavak at 7.30pm to help Jack Davies who is taking part in a 500km cycle ride in India from 2nd to 11th November. He is raising money for the Turgutreis Disabled Childrens...
  16. G

    Auction again

    Another auction at the "Unique" shop will be held this coming Saturday.16th Feb. 1400hrs.
  17. G


    A couple of weeks ago we attended an auction at the "Unique" arts and crafts shop in Fethiye. It was fun and we bought some beautifull things at great prices. The host Cem is a good guy who knows his stuff. There will be another auction on 29th at 2 pm. The shop is opposite the rear entrance of...
  18. eastriding

    Charity auction

    Anyone who wants a very special painting, click on;
  19. S

    Turkish auction sites?

    Hi I used to be a member here earlier this year called mark but forgot my id.I now live in turkish north cyprus and was wondering if anyone knew of a site for selling things in turkey and north cyprus like on ebay on here since july I did come across one before i moved out here and totally...
  20. Martyn


    :crazy: :crazy:
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