1. ceemac

    Britain's Least Attractive Towns And Cities For Visitors

    It has been revealed that Bradford in Yorkshire is the city travellers least want to visit as it is deemed "dangerous, ugly and boring". Here C
  2. shirleyanntr

    why are turkish men so attractive to european women

    We've done the Germans..and sad Brits Now its the turn of those macho Turkish men. Why are they so appealing to European women.? because its true they are equally pined after by ladies from Britain to the Baltic Sea. So what have they got? İs it the nicotine stained teeth, the bandy legs, the...
  3. merlin

    Divan Palmira Hotel - Most Attractive Hotel In Europe....

    TurkishPress LONDON - Conde Nast Johansens, a catalogue for luxury hotels, chose the Divan Palmira Hotel in Bodrum town of western Turkish city of Mugla as the most attractive hotel in Europe in 2006. Conde Nast sent delegations to 380 hotels in different parts of the world. It chose the...
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