1. H

    Power of Attorney, changing Tapu.

    I know that this has been dealt with before but I cant find a relevant thread. I own a property in Akyaka. I originally bought the property with a friend and both names are on the Tapu. I have bought the friend out and need to change the Tapu to reflect this. My friend does not wish to return...
  2. L

    Giving Power of attorney to someone not in Turkey

    Hi, I would like transfer/change my apartment that I own in turkey to my brother's name who is currently living in Afghanistan. He doesn't have the required visa to visit Turkey to complete the procedure personally therefore I am seeking your help to find the best and cheapest way to get change...
  3. W

    Power of attorney costs

    I am looking into getting a double power of attorney set up for myself and wife. Ostensibly it is to give each other powers to act re our respective properties. Ideally we would like our son and daughter to have powers to act also should it be necessary. Can anyone advise re typical costs for...
  4. H

    Senior Attorney seeking a legal position in an International Law firm

    Dear colleagues, I'm Hassan Yassin, an Egyptian Senior Attorney before Cassation and Constitutional High Court, member of Arab Bar Association, member of UIA. I'm seeking a higher legal position in an International law firm in Turkey. Best regards. Hassan Yassin Senior Attorney
  5. S

    Power of attorney regarding parents flat in gumbet

    Hi I wonder if anyone has any experience with power of attorney in Turkey / UK. My parents brought a flat in Bitez and they want to leave it to my kids. My husband is Turkish so they were going to transfer deeds to him via selling it to him, as our kids are under 16. However my dad is now too...
  6. B

    Revoking Powers of Attorney

    Hi everybody, Does anybody know how I go about revoking an existing Power of Attorney? I granted one to a solicitor when I purchased my property but have just discovered that they don't expire and thus it would still grant that person the right to deal with my property affairs, not something I...
  7. L

    Power of attorney

    We had a buyer for our apartment in Altinkum - happened very near the end of our holiday - but on the last day the Estate Agent said the guy couldn't get the mortgage in time. But he said he would buy it. No time for any paperwork, etc. so took us to see Notary who explained what would be...
  8. J

    power of attorney

    hello everyone can anyone advice me on how to go about giving my wife poa as i own an apartment in turkey and it is under my name only.does the person you give poa to has to be in the country or all information about her will be enough eg passport.also will this poa be good for her to tranfer my...
  9. T

    Power of attorney

    My sister has the house next to ours we have found a buyer for it and she would like to sign power of atternoy over to us to deal with the sale as we will be visiting kusadasi in 2 weeks time is it possible to do it in england (we both live I. The same town) and how long would it take?
  10. N

    How do you appoint a power of attorney

    I wish to take my ex partners name off the Tapu with her permission. Does anyone know how We go about appointing a power of attorney for her. Will we need a solicitor. We have a villa about 80 miles from Izmir so am I right in presuming that everything would have to be done in Izmir rather than...
  11. M

    Power of Attorney

    Can anyone tell me how we can go about giving each other power of attorney in the Gumusluk area please
  12. B

    Power of attorney

    Hi Looking for info on the best way to get a power of attorney completed in England also a translation of passports. We are comfortable with the agent who will have power of attorney, just need guidance on the best way forward due to being unable to get out to Dalaman untill April. Kind regards...
  13. scotssteve


    Afternoon all, Apologies to those who know how this works, but for the benefit of anyone in the Uk actively selling a property in Turkey who will for whatever reason not be able to come over in person to complete the Tapu transfer, I re-produce the procedure for a British P.O.A to be valid...
  14. Mushtaq

    How to grant POA (power of attorney) from UK

    Guide to granting a Power of Attorney (POA) from UK to use in Turkey. 1. Prepare your POA document in English, here is a sample for granting POA for selling your property in Turkey. 2. Find a local Notary Public (Google 'notary public') fees I found to be around £50-£100 for a simple...
  15. labman

    Iskan/Power of attorney

    Hi all, Does anyone know if power of attorney has to be given to get the Iskan (habitation rights) to a property? I've an opportunity to get things sorted out on my site but for obvious reasons am very nervous giving this to a solicitor. Any help appreciated. Cheers Labman
  16. T

    Power of attorney

    Does anyone know what powers actually transfer with power of attorney? Does power of attorney allow the following: the right to vote at complex meeting without a proxy form? the same rights as the owner of the apartment? the right to all information about the apartment? How much does a power...
  17. Tonyj

    power of attorney

    I have had off on my place in turkey but need to get over soon. due to my wife's work she can not come with me now , how do I get power in England have been told you need to get Turkish embassy to Apostille it, have you seen what they charge. any body out there been through this process many Thanks
  18. C

    power of attorney

    do you need to go to a solicitor or just go to the notery?
  19. C

    Power of attorney

    Good morning all Has anyone an idea of how much I should be paying to cancelling a power of attorney? If owned by husband and wife, do you both have to be there to authorise this? Thank you
  20. C

    getting a divorce in turkey

    please can someone give me some urgent advice? if a turkish man and an english woman were married in turkey and got a divorce in the uk what do they need to do to get a divorce in turkey? i know the english woman needs to get a power of attorney and send it to turkey but what if this doenst...
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