1. bal canavar

    The Girl's Got Attitude
  2. Yalides

    Positive attitude

    Thursdaynight I gradually woke up stiff as a plank in hospital's ICU, tubes up my nose & down my throat, wires monitoring every function & all around my head, hell of a pain over my left ear, and a gorgeous nurse hovering over me.It was obvious I'd been in a serious accident. She looked at...
  3. B

    Hamas may change attitude to Israel.

    You want Hamas to behave? Then it's time to let it govern - Telegraph Can this possibly be a chink of light, allowing Hamas to negotiate with Israel? This would be a marvellous step forward for all concerned. Bill.
  4. John O' Dreams

    Public’s attitude to depression

    A thought-provoking article from Davy Adams on this ‘World Mental Health Day’: Public's attitude to depression needs to change Comedian David Walliams’s candid account of his suffering can help to destigmatise illness, writes DAVID ADAMS In recently released extracts from his upcoming...
  5. Sha Hoorsur


    I read a comment on this forum that there seems to be an attitude against Turkish people. In my opinion this is completely understandable. Don’t get me wrong, I love Turkey, the people, and the climate is just fabulous, but the prevailing attitude of SOME Turkish people to us Brits sometimes...
  6. P

    Airline with attitude.

    Love it.
  7. T

    Turkeys attitude to rubbish.

    I have been cyberspeaking to several members over the past few months regarding litter/rubbish/waste matter in Turkey and their attitude to it. Turkey is beautiful with wonderful countryside but since we bought our apartment 3 years ago,our love affair with the place has been soured totally by...
  8. R

    Bodrum Estate Agents with attitude

    While looking for property and organising a viewing trip in the Bodrum area earlier this year I was a little shocked to say the least at the lack of trust shown by estate agents towards possible customers from the word go. Only twice out of maybe 15/20 requests made to agents for exact location...
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