1. J

    Video ATMs - Uniquely Turkish

    Hi All, Currently Turkey is at the forefront of ATM technology and trendsetting in the world of Commercial Banking. "Video ATMs" are found almost uniquely within Turkey, whereby users interact with an ATM which calls up an advisor remotely for face2face assistance. We want to better understand...
  2. shirleyanntr

    Costs of withdrawing Sterling from ATMs in Turkey

    i took 300 GBS from TEB on Monday and just checked my lloyds internet bank and they charged me 4.50 for foreign cash and 2 for using the machine i thought taking sterling wasnt charged
  3. mamish

    ATMs in Koycegiz

    Hi! I'm new in Koycegiz (actually Dogusbelen) - moved in on xmas eve. I want to withdraw sterling using my HSBC debit card or my Nationwide debit card. Do any of the ATMs in Koycegiz pay out in sterling? If not Koycegiz, where would be the nearest? Also lots of DIY to be done! Any...
  4. T

    Using ATMs in Altinkum - any tips?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. We are heading to Altinkum this weekend, which is great! The only problem is that I will not be paid until next week which means we will not be bringing over cash and exchanging for Lira once we arrive like we usually do. Is there a preferred Bank...
  5. D

    ATMs in Bozburun?

    Is there an ATM in Bozburn or are they just in Marmaris & Datca? Would just like to know as will be touring round this year & obviously need to be able to have some cash! Thank you all in advance!
  6. K

    Sterling ATMs in Serik/Belek

    Does anyone know of any Sterling ATMs in Seik/Belek area.
  7. T

    Sterling ATMs in Marmaris

    Hi I shall be visiting Marmaris for a couple of day trips over the next weeks and would like to locate some ATMs that dispense GBP as well as TL. Could anyone provide some directions from some well known landmark (e.g. Ataturk statue). Thanks
  8. J


    Hi there, can anyone tell me where the HSBC ATMs are in Bodrum? Is there one anywhere near the Hotel Istanköy? We're visiting friends staying there this week and it would be handy to know. Cheers.
  9. C


    Hi all Some of the cash machines in Turkey allow you to select which currency you want, can anyone tell me of any additional charges that are applied when withdrawing £s
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