1. M

    Ziraat Bank ATM Language to English

    Is there any option to change the language on Ziraat Bank ATM to English?
  2. S

    ATM charges

    Whats the story thesedays in Turkey re ATM charges Using a Uk card Santander, Nationwide which Turkish ATM has lowest charges
  3. Harem

    Charges at ATM's for drawing Sterling

    It seems that almost all the banks are now charging varying percentages for withdrawing Sterling from their ATM's. What is the alternative so as not to lose too much from our measly pensions?
  4. suecheshireuk

    Garanti ATM now charging to withdraw £

    Just a heads up to let people know there is now a 2.5% charge if you want to withdraw Sterling from a Garanti ATM, I'm sure more banks will follow. Bit of a pain for those of us that withdraw Sterling from or UK accounts to convert to TL. xx
  5. mamish

    Sterling transfers and ATM withdrawals

    Is it just me or is anyone else having problems transferring GBP from a UK account to a GBP account in Turkey? Both HSBC and Transferwise will only deliver the money in TL. HSBC also seems to have stopped delivering Sterling from their ATMs - even using a UK HSBC card - and others will only...
  6. E

    No more ATM £s ?

    Just copied the message below from another site: can anyone tell me if there is an ATM machine in Koycegiz, Ortaca, Dalaman or Marmaris that give GBP please.... Hi all, just heard from a friend that you cannot get GBP from any ATM machines in Fethiye, and that the Turkish government have made...
  7. tomc1984

    Hsbc atm in Dalyan

    Does anyone know if there is an HSBC atm in Dalyan? I know there is one in Ortaca.
  8. T

    ATM currency

    Maybe a silly question but do the ATM's in Alanya dish out Lira only or can you choose currency? I will be using my card when I'm there as I get paid while we are in Turkey. Just for information - I have a Santander Debit card.
  9. T

    Dalaman Airport - Is there an ATM in Arrivals?

    Hi, Friend from the office going to Dalaman next month, wondering if he get access to an ATM in arrivals or before he gets on the coach to go to the resort to get lira? Anyone know? Thanks!
  10. tomc1984

    HSBC Bank Yalikavak ATM?

    Does anyone know if the HSBC ATM has been reinstated at the marina yet? Went to Gundogan ATM today, no sterling cash, has there been a rush on.
  11. E

    Sterling ATM

    Can anyone please inform me, if there is a cash machine in or around Alanya that gives out sterling?:
  12. mamish

    ATMs in Koycegiz

    Hi! I'm new in Koycegiz (actually Dogusbelen) - moved in on xmas eve. I want to withdraw sterling using my HSBC debit card or my Nationwide debit card. Do any of the ATMs in Koycegiz pay out in sterling? If not Koycegiz, where would be the nearest? Also lots of DIY to be done! Any...
  13. jandj

    No charge ATM withdrawls?

    Over the past years we have used Nationwide and Santander to withdraw cash from Turkish ATMs, because there was no charge. Can any member please let us know if their UK based bank operates a similar system. Thanks in advance
  14. suecheshireuk

    New format on Garanti's ATM

    I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but I cant find the post, probably because I'm too naffed off to read properly. We have just been to the Garanti bank ATM in Didim, and when we put the card in the format was different, and as we didnt see the " to display in English press 9" message...
  15. perfect1949

    a word of warning at the ATM'S in the bodrum area

    friends of mine had their card stolen from them at the ATM machine on saturday in Turgutreis , and within 8 minutes their account had been emptied . the Jandarma told them there had been over 50 similar incidents in the Bodrum peninsula . so be very careful when going to your ATM machines . dave...
  16. G

    ATM Machine

    Garanti Bank ATM Machine installed yesterday afternoon (Wed) on top floor at Migros in Gümsan, Gümüşlük ( Same floor level as Terrace Bar) Gordie
  17. Gill

    HSBC - missing ATM!

    The HSBC ATM by the marina entrance is not there -where did it go? The only one remaining is the IS Bank and that wasn't functioning. Probably to do with the re-modelling of that end of the marina.
  18. D

    ATM in Uzumlu

    Can anyone tell me if the ATM in the village is reliable please?
  19. ZiaCa'

    ATM Machine in Uzumlu!

    Soon it should be up and running in the PTT forecourt.
  20. willip

    ATM Tancas supermarket

    called into Tansas supermarket in the Bay yesterday and noticed a ATM machine just inside the exit doors, not sure whether it is new but not seen it before. will be handy for some of us that have had to travel to the village to get money out.
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