1. Tenpin

    News Works to transform Atatürk Airport into massive green space kicks off

    Works to transform Atatürk Airport into massive green space kicks off Extract: The area of Atatürk Airport, which has been replaced by the new Istanbul Airport, will be turned into...
  2. bickern

    Parliament was key for Atatürk

    Parliament was key for Atatürk on the road to the republic. The decision of modern Turkey’s founder to open the first legislature despite the ongoing War of Independence was critical in setting the country on the path to becoming a republic, according to Professor Tülay Alim Baran. “While...
  3. bickern

    Madam Atatürk

    The first lady, the feast and the republic AYLİN ÖNEY TAN The table was stunning as one guest tells. An inverted cut crystal bowl was lit by little light bulbs and adorned with flowers, tiny plates holding caviar and butter were nested among the vine leaves swirling along the table. Every detail...
  4. mollag

    HSBC Ataturk

    If you are an HSBC Premier account, UK member and think you have the use of the HSBC lounge in the Ataturk airport, think again, it is only for Turkish account holders as we found out on Friday. :crying:
  5. Camden

    Atatürk's Death

    It was interesting to see that most Turks today in Istanbul still commemorate the minute of the Death of their first President Ataturk in 1938, the one who is said to have modernized, secularised, educated and brought suffrage to the country, with Turks today on the streets and in their...
  6. Akasya

    Istanbul Ataturk airport - Domestic transfers

    We are thinking if flying into Ataturk then connecting Thy down to bodrum . Does anyone know do you change terminals , do you need to check in for bodrum , does the luggage get loaded onward or do you reclaim and re check in , if so , hiw long do you need between flights . Thanks in advance Steve
  7. oldfogy

    Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)

    Don't know anything else except the message just over the street loadspeaker according to the pool man who gave me his translation is that: Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)
  8. jandj

    Ataturk transfer

    This year we have to fly to Istanbul Ataturk on Turkish Airlines and transfer onto an internal flight to Izmir. Please can anyone advise how much time I should allow to get through customs etc, check in and change of terminals. Sincerest thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. IbrahimAbi

    Work goes on at Ataturk airport

    Rough emeralds worth a total of $1 million were seized at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport on Istanbul’s Asian side on July 4. The suspect was caught at the airport’s international arrivals terminal after arriving from Dubai. Police seize emeralds worth $1 million inside tea caddy at Istanbul...
  10. yalimart

    Istanbul Ataturk airport attack

    Turkey Istanbul: Blast and gunfire heard at Ataturk airport Turkey Istanbul: Blast and gunfire heard at Ataturk airport - BBC News Martin
  11. S


    Opposition up in arms over plans to delete Atatürk’s ideology in new charter! The above is the headline from Turkish Daily News today. I think we all expected this to come, but shame! Let's hope it doesn't materialise.
  12. E

    Why did Aziz Sancar dedicate his Nobel Prize to Atatürk?

    Aziz Sancar is a Turkish-American scientist who on Dec. 10 received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, shared with two other chemists. He was awarded for his work on human DNA. Sancar is the second person from Turkey to receive a Nobel Prize after Orhan Pamuk’s literary award in 2006. He...
  13. SAMIMI

    Places to go near Ataturk airport in Istanbul

    We will be in Ataturk airport for approx 5 hours before our connecting flight. Where can we go for approx 2 to 2 and a half hours. Is there a small town with a little beach where we could sit and have lunch? Not interested in shopping centres. Case is full!
  14. kemerkid


    At about 9:20 this morning I joined most Turks who bowed their head in a minutes silence .
  15. H

    Istanbul Ataturk Transfer Times

    On Boxing Day we have one hour and ten minutes between our flight arriving from Manchester and the connection leaving for Dalaman. Turkish airlines say that this is tight and would like to move us onto another connecting flight - the next day. Has anybody any experience of this and is 1 hr 10...
  16. bal canavar

    British woman commits suicide in Ataturk Airport

    A British passenger who had flown from London to Istanbul on her way to Iraq killed himself in the lavatory of the Atatürk International Airport after missing her connecting flight to the city of Erbil. A British passenger who had flown from London to Istanbul on her way to Iraq killed herself...
  17. irishmatelot

    Taxi or Transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet?

    Could someone tell me if it is more expensive to get a taxi or private transfer from Ataturk Airport to Sultanahmet. Thank you
  18. T

    Ataturk exit?

    Hi when I get to Istanbul airport tomorrow, it says i have to go to gate A at international arrivals for my shuttle bus. where do i find this gate 'A' Is it clearly marked?
  19. T

    Ataturk Airport

    Hi, I was wondering if you you guys could help me out. Sorry for the essay. My husband is coming from Gaziantep to the UK via Istanbul and I am as a surprise, ( lame i know =D ) flying out to meet him there. My original itinery from turkish airlines has now changed which means i arrive 5pm...
  20. Webarella

    Istanbul Atatürk lounges

    Hi, I'll fly with my kid via Istanbul (international flight) and we have to spend time at the airport approx. 10 hours. Turkish Airlines and economy tickets. I was wondering if it's possible to buy entrance into a lounge? Is this possible and if it is, which lounge do you suggest? Can you tell...
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