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    Bodrum - Telescope

    For Sale Celestron Newtonian Telescope Firstscope 114EQ Including Tripod, Lens, Manual and Software Good Condition 160 lira pm for more details and tel number
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    A hunger for Astronomy

    I just came across this article and really love what it says about the hunger for knowledge that Turks do have, and how little access to it that they have . But it took only one person to do something and look what is happening! Sky not the limit for Turkish students in Denizli - Hurriyet Daily...
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    Space and Astronomy and seti@home

    Hello I own an Orion 8 inch reflector Telescope and am very interested in space and what maybe out there. I am hoping when I move abroad to take my scope with me. I also run seti@home( search for ET using my pc to scan work units of radio waves). I have been doing seti on my pc for 5 years. I do...
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