1. S

    Turkey - Emergency Consular Assistance UK Travel advice updated on … Urgent help via Consular assistance team on 020 7008 1500
  2. Mushtaq

    Expat Assistance Line from AKBANK

    ‚ÄčExpat Assistance Line Whether you and your family are in Turkey for professional, residential or educational purposes, Akbank Expat Banking is here to help you make the most of the financial and non-financial opportunities before you. Our team of Expat Assistants are here to provide you with...
  3. R

    English speaking assistance in Yalikavak

    Is there any organization or group which could provide weekly visits to an Canadian expatriate living in Bodrum who had a stroke and needs help in his personal paperwork.
  4. K

    Medical Assistance

    Hi, I just want to know if anyone knows if jobs such as AIN, RAO or Allied Health Assistance positions are valued? Thanks :30:
  5. FinalCall

    Residence Legal assistance in Istanbul - Lawyer reccomendations please

    Hi I have a complicated issue regarding permit renewal, that I don't wish to write about... Could anyone reccomend a(n English speaking?) firm in Istanbul that offers assistance with difficult residence issues? Also dealing with internationals not only UK and IRL Many thanks
  6. cokdeli

    Special assistance on flights

    I'm flying with the dreaded TC in June. I requested a seat with extra leg room as I am not able to have the emergency exit seats. They are telling me that the front seats are used for those with a disability but are only allocated at check-in depending on the level of disability. Are check in...
  7. R

    Assistance needed...

    Merhaba all! I am coming to Bodrum/Tuzla on Wednesday 15th December until Friday 17th December to complete a transaction for selling some property in Gumuskum Sitesi. I will be without my usual driver and translator and wondered if any one on here would be out there during this period for...
  8. M

    Legal assistance in the Antalya area

    Just to let anyone in the area know we have a Turkish legal forum in which one of our members who is a local lawyer and ex-expat in UK, making useful articles about TurkishLaw. Antalya Expats .com - a community site for everyone in South West Turkey - Legal Forum - Antalya Expats Forum The...
  9. A

    Assistance Required

    Friends of our are buying an apartment in Turgutries and have paid the deposit which they paid to the emlaks account. They are going over next week to complete and need to pay the final balance. They are not keen to carry cash on them, they dont have a Turkish account yet, and are not keen to...
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