1. Z

    Inheritance assets of someone under 18

    Hello everyone, I would like to understand how’s the law apply in Turkey when a child(13) inherits assets from a deceased parent and living with one parent. Does the government freeze the assets until he turns 18 or his mother can manage it on his behalf until then?? Thank you.
  2. bickern

    First man in UK to be ordered to pay EVERY penny of his assets to ex-

    It takes a brave person to get married nowadays. Hospital consultant must pay all his £550k assets to his GP ex-wife in divorce 1st | Daily Mail Online A hospital consultant has become the first man to be ordered to pay all of his £550,000 assets to his ex-wife, following an extraordinary...
  3. Mushtaq

    Turkey is selling off state assets too fast?

    Turkey is selling off state assets at a pace that could soon leave its privatization agency sitting idle, said the country’s finance minister. “I think at this speed, the privatization administration could be out of a job in a year or two, because we’ve been very successful,” Finance Minister...
  4. M

    New UK Tax Regulations - Overseas Assets

    Anyone got any comments/thoughts about this : "People who hide their money overseas to avoid paying tax face bigger fines and could be jailed more easily under government plans to fight tax evasion. To prosecute at present, tax officials must prove a person holding income offshore has intended...
  5. H

    O Kane Assets case

    Further moves to obtain something back from this fraudster BBC News - Deadline for Turkey holiday homes fraudster Kevin O'Kane
  6. Lindacm

    Moveable assets

    Hello Celtic, Please can you advise if money and other assets in Turkey (not property or land) is subject to Turkish laws of inheritence? I am told by a solicitor that I have consulted that all the assets I have including money in bank accounts are to be distrubuted according to Turkish law and...
  7. P

    Bailiffs & assets

    again-simplified version- court has find in my favour-estate agent and owner. Between them one has a building company, a van, a plot of land, seems to be running a restaurant and estate agency-yet the solicitor says-restaurant rented, van on plot owned by 10 different people etc I said...
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