1. Firefox

    Mossad assassination

    Top Iranian scientist working on a COVID-19 Vaccine and rapid Test Kit is murdered by Israeli Agents in broad daylight in Tehran.
  2. bal canavar

    Macron assassination plot

    Some people think the ultra right isn't dangerous but given the circumstance. Man held over Macron assassination plot planned for Bastille Day A 23-year-old "nationalist" is arrested after allegedly trying to buy a rifle on a video game chat site ahead of Bastille Day. A man has been...
  3. B

    Assassination in Sarajevo.

    Today marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia. Who could have seen the aftermath of that killing? This is an act which is considered by many to have triggered WW1 which resulted in the deaths of millions. Will the world ever learn...
  4. ZiaCa'

    Assassination Attempt on Pastor Foiled

    Well done to the police for foiling this attempt to assassinate a Turkish Christian Pastor Police break up plot to assassinate Turkish pastor
  5. ceemac

    Assassination Threats Against Erdogan

    The Turkish Interior Minister said on Wednesday that Turkey was sensitive about the security of the prime minister. Here C
  6. merlin

    Turkish Prime Minister Assassination Attempt....

    A man carrying a gun hidden inside a loaf of bread was arrested today as he approached a bus carrying Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan was climbing onto a bus after a speech opening the school year in Kutahya when security personnel noticed the man moving toward the vehicle and...
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