1. mollag

    Asked to leave

    Or so he says, not who, just that he was. No member of staff was involved so IMHO it would likely be one of the pig ignorant MEP's from the Brexit pretend to be MEPs group.:heh...
  2. Camden

    A daft question asked on Quora

    The Question was ( serious ) Do they have cars in Turkey ??? :: And one answer by Turk in total disbelief in link 2nd answer down . Do they have cars in Turkey? Ediz Buka Ediz Buka, lives in Istanbul Updated Fri No we don’t ! I didn’t even know what car is before this question...
  3. bickern

    The doctor asked what the next appointment was.

    The elderly man in his eighties, hurried to his doctor appointment at 8 am. He wanted to finish quickly because he must be somewhere by nine. The doctor asked what the next appointment was. He proudly said that at 9 am every morning he is at the hospital to eat breakfast with his wife. The...
  4. newhorizon

    Alonso's reaction when asked if he could choose his teammate -FUNNY!

    This was yesterdays press conference at Abu Dhabi.... Alonso's not giving much away....
  5. bickern

    Erdoğan says would run for president if asked by party

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said he would run for president next year if his party asked him to but dismissed suggestions of a rift with incumbent Abdullah Gül. The prime minister, who has dominated Turkish politics for a decade, cannot run again as prime minister in the...
  6. beyazbayan

    Why no up-date on questions asked?

    Am I the only one who gets fed up with people (often newbies) who come on the forum ask advice and often receive loads of good sound advice and then never return to let us know what the outcome was? Also thank you would be nice.
  7. D

    probably been asked before-importation

    Has anyone information about importing a classic car? İ have a resident visa here and have owned the cars for many years in the uk. My wife is turkish and can cope with the bureaucracy but i want to know where to start from someone who as actually tried or succeeded in importing a car here? İ...
  8. carolk

    Mushtaq has asked me.....

    To be a moderator, there is an opening and I am considering it. :biggrin: Could be a lot of fun. :lie: What do you think? ;)
  9. Andy

    Nina123 has asked this

    Post has been moved here because it was in the wrong thread. i dont know if this post is in the right place,but i can't seem to find how to post.i will be in altinkum in may,and after hearing about all the stray dogs around,ive decided when i go out i will get a taxi,as im terrified of...
  10. ceemac

    Man Utd Fans Asked To Pay £25 To Buy Club

    Personally I think this whole Red Knights thing is a load of cobblers.... 'Fans of Manchester United have been asked by a supporters' trust if they would give £25 or more to help fund a takeover bid by the Red Knights.' Here C
  11. kaplumba

    Because Pebble asked me to

    I've been chatting to Pebble today on Facebook and what a brave lady she is. Anyway after much deliberation I told her a bit about my lovely friend Sheila. When I first saw Pebbles pic on her avatar I gasped because they looked so alike. Sheila also had a bit of an American accent due to having...
  12. D

    Bringing a car into Turkey (not asked before!)

    Yes I know the laws and regulations about bring a UK car into Turkey this is a different question, so please dont relate to UK car being brought into Turkey, we're talking about GERMAN !. I have been looking at buying and bringing a German registrered car into Turkey as I have been led to...
  13. jane2005

    Asked to leave a restaurant!!!

    Friends of mine use a well known restaurant in Kusadasi Centrum quite often. They go there from the start of each season through to when it closes for the winter. They have always been treated well and the staff know them. They went to this restuarant a couple of days ago, they looked at the...
  14. D

    Do we pay the full amount if asked?

    Hi everyone - another question for you. As previously stated we are going out to Kalkan on October 31st. We booked this flight quite a while ago, thinking we would be completing on our apartment. The agent has received clearance from the land registry ready to transfer the title deed into our...
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